Crystals Against Alcoholism and Addictions: Help Yourself Naturally!

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      Human beings are often prone to some kind of destructive behavior – and it usually is expressed in the form of addictions or obsessions. These kinds of behavior usually allow people to forget themselves in time of hardships and stress, and it is understandable why people tend to get caught in constant smoking, alcoholism or, in the most extreme cases – drug addictions. Yet even if we do understand this behavior (we are all humans, after all), we don’t really justify it. Smoking and drinking have both short-term and long-term health effects which are destructive for our health and that is why our number one advise if you become addicted to any kind of substance is try to stay away from it. Of course, easier said than done, and overcoming addiction is extremely challenging. Today we are going to talk about how you can use the power of healing crystals to help you in the fight.


Let it go


      First of all, we need to determine how people usually get rid of such dangerous addictions. There are several popular ways on how it is usually done, however, the most effective ones include abstinence from alcohol/drugs or its replacement with something else. In the first case, people rely on the strength of their will and their motivation to live healthy and substance-free life, especially if their addiction has led to some serious harm to themselves, their family and/or loved ones. If a person can clearly see cause and effect related to addiction, it becomes easier to get a grip on yourself and let go of your addiction. The sad thing here is that for this change to happen, that harm needs to happen, and that usually means some amount of pain is involved, and nobody needs that. However, without this pain a person usually cannot see any fault in his actions and cannot even admit that he is addicted to something and that is usually why people are hesitant to give up their bad habits, as they believe that they have complete control until it is already too late.


      In case of replacement of a substance with something else, it may seem at first, that this way is easier to implement. The most obvious example is a nicotine patch for smokers, however, you can find that people, who try to quit their bad habits tend to replace it with everything. General overeating and eating snacks are the most common things, that is why people who quit smoking usually gain weight afterwards. Other negative replacements include gambling, videogames addiction, drinking sugary drinks and other activities, which will shift a person’s attention from the urges to take a substance he/she is addicted to. Of course, there are a lot of neutral or even positive replacements, like turning to religion, hiking and outdoors activities, sports, spending more time with your loved ones and so on, however, this remains a fact – a person still needs something to be addicted to and his/her behavior is still dictated not by his/her own motivation but by aftershocks of the addictions and that can remain for many years.


Isn’t it crystal clear?


      As crystal healing is known to help in many areas of everyday life, it’s no wonder that it can also help with substance abuse. Crystals and work with them can also serve as a great replacement, yet the ultimate goal when you work with crystals is an overall expulsion of any addiction and irrational urges. Crystals can bring a person a motivation and strength to fight his/her addictions. However, different crystals bring different properties to the table, so the effects from a crystal healing with a specific crystal can vary. Here are the most popular crystals to fight addictions:


      Amethyst. Amethyst may be the most famous crystal to fight addictions and obsessions, and it has been used for this purpose since the Ancient times. It can help you get rid not only of substance addiction yet also from such dangerous addictions as gambling, sexual addiction, eating disorders and other. In many ways, amethyst helps to transform negative energy around you into a positive one, in a lot of cases negating the need to act on your urges. It also brings you focus, which may become crucial during stressful times, which can prevent you from over exhausting yourself and finding yourself in need of a substance help.


      Amazonite. Amazonite is a perfect stone for overcoming traumatic experiences, which helps in our situation in several ways: first of all, it helps us to let go of various events, which can be called traumatic, and prevent us from turning to substances for comfort. Second of all, our addiction and events which happen to us during intoxication can be perceived as traumatic, so basically amazonite helps us in dealing with causes of our addiction and with our actions which can be the results of those causes. Excluding trauma from our life can always motivate us to do better things.


      Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is a very peaceful stone that can ease our mind in stressful situations and help us face difficult challenges. And overcoming your addiction is just such challenge. It requires a lot of strength, will and motivation to see it through, yet even more courage to even start your journey towards sobriety. Courage to acknowledge that you do have a serious problem in your live and that you need to deal with it. That is where chrysocolla also comes in, as it encourages self-awareness and wisdom, and when you see yourself clearly, it is much easier to make difficult decision.


      Garnet. To get enough positive thoughts and motivation to do what needs to be done to overcome addictions, you should make some improvements in yourself, if they are not already there. Garnet is a powerful stone for self-improvement and it fills you with positive energy flows, which can transform your general attitude towards things, motivate you to do great things and fill you up with courage in case you feel threatened and are afraid you cannot succeed. With that transformed mindset, you can start your journey towards overcoming your addiction as a totally new human being, and we are sure it will be a positive one.


      Shungite. Shungite is widely considered to be a very powerful protective stone, and substance addiction is yet another thing that shungite can protect you from. Shungite can help you make sure that you stay away from substances and alcohol, negating irrational urges and overflowing you with torrents of positive energy that make sure that you are well-motivated to do creative and positive things. Shungite will also provide you with sense of calm and security, which will prevent you from even thinking about some sort of extra comfort with addictive substances.


How do I use it?


      There are plenty of ways how you can use crystals to help you fight addictions. First of all, you can meditate with crystals. Just hold a crystal in your hand, sit down in a calm environment, close your eyes and clear your mind. Focus on your intentions for healing and on your crystal’s properties, which can help you, and stay like this for 15-20 minutes. That way, you can tune yourself to positive changes, and your own intentions coupled with crystal’s properties will become an unstoppable force on your way to rehabilitation. You can combine your crystal healing process with an affirmation for better effect. The best affirmations for overcoming your addictions are: “I am delighted to be free of any and all previous addictions” and “My life is happy, healthy, and addiction free”.


      You can enjoy consuming crystal’s properties by making crystal elixirs. Crystals can give a lot to water and this water will be safe to consume, just be careful and don’t ingest crystals themselves. Making crystal elixirs is incredibly simple, all need to do is just put your crystal in a bottle of water and leave it for 6 hours. After the water is full of crystal properties you can add different fruits, vegetables or herbs, whatever is to your taste and enjoy your healthy drink every day. However, the simplest way how you can enjoy crystal properties and stay sober 24-7 is to simply carry your favorite stone against addictions with you. It will grant you personal protection all day long and will keep you away from all temptations.


      So these are our tips on how you can fight dangerous addictions with the power of our favorite crystals. Make sure that you stay protected and sober at all times and create an aura of positive energy around you with our favorite shungite. Purchase shungite and enjoy the healing power of the nature of the North!



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