Healthy Beauty Routine: Everything You Need to Know about Shungite Cosmetics

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  shungite-mineral-cosmetics-shungite-beauty-routine    Every woman wants to look her best, to feel attractive and be admired. In modern-day world, there is a plethora of products and services ready to cater to you: make up products, perfumes, hair styling products, body lotions etc. Over the recent years beauty industry has become a giant empire.  In 2015 only in the United States it generated more than $50 billion.   


      One of the major trends in the sphere is natural cosmetics. More and more people nowadays take care of their health, go to the gym, try to eat healthy and so on. And, of course, they are concerned about what they put on their skin. They are becoming aware of different toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients found in beauty products.


      These substances have a temporary positive effect on the skin, but may have extremely negative long-term impact on the health. Such toxic elements as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and others are absorbed through the skin and may cause serious diseases including cancer. Besides, these substances may do harm to the environment.


      Taking into account the above mentioned, an increasing number of people tend to choose cosmetics with organic ingredients and rely on healthy beauty routine. Although the common belief says that all organic beauty products are extremely expensive and there are no simple natural beauty tips, you have an option.


      Shungite will help you to be beautiful and healthy without additional costs and damage to your health. Due to its curative, antibacterial, antioxidant and revitalizing properties shungite has become an integral part of healthy lifestyle and natural beauty routine.


      The simplest shungite beauty life hack is just to use shungite water for daily washing. Shungite stones are widely known for their filtering and antibacterial properties. Experiments have shown that this unique mineral absorbs up to 95% of water polluting elements and endues it with therapeutic qualities. Alongside with improving overall health, shungite water acts as an efficient refresher and is considered to restore pH balance of the skin.


      If you wash your face with shungite water in the morning, it will moisturize your skin, have pore minimizing effect and create perfect canvas for makeup application without any additional creams or lotions. In the evening, you can use it to whisk makeup away and get a calming effect. Within a week of daily shungite water usage, you will be able to repair your skin problems. Small wrinkles, spots and zits will disappear. Tissue restoring processes will be accelerated. Thus, your skin will look healthy and glowing.


      Besides, you can use shungite water to wash your hair. It will solve the problem of hair loss and make them healthy, strong and shiny from roots to tips. To experience comprehensive effect of shungite water you can also make a healing spa that will fill you with energy.


       Nevertheless, it is not the only option. Shungite is also perfect to be a component of different organic health and beauty products where its positive properties enhanced by other natural ingredients. And here are top reasons to experience shungite cosmetics:


  1. Anti-aging effect

Shungite cosmetics is the source of antioxidants that are essential for your skin. Antioxidants counter “free radicals”, elements that damage skin cells and are responsible for such visible signs of aging as wrinkles, dry and dull skin or dark circles under the eyes. As a natural source of antioxidants, shungite creams and lotions strengthen skin cells membranes, help them to renew and improve skin elasticity. Thus, shungite cosmetics make your skin smoother and firmer that let you look and feel younger.


  1. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects

Shungite has a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and is believed to be an efficient product for healing acnes, inflammation, redness, rashes and some other dermatologic problems. Shungite cosmetics have a calming effect on the skin und unlike some other beauty products it does not cause further irritation as it contains only natural ingredients.


  1. Healing effect

Thanks to healing properties of shungite stones this mineral is an ingredient not only of beauty products but also of different gels, cream-balms and other therapeutic products.  Shungite reduces pain, improves blood circulation, and speeds up the tissue recovery, metabolism and other internal processes. Therefore shungite-based products are applied as an efficient adjuvant for physical therapy and treatment of cuts, soft tissue injuries, bruises, sprains, closed fractures.


  1. Overall nutritional value

Shungite-based beauty products usually contain a complex of other vitamins, essential oils and other ingredients (vitamin E, vitamin B3, olive oil, canola oil, shea butter, white tea extract etc.) that allows intensifying ultimate effect since natural ingredients tend to perform better together.


  1. All-natural ingredients

Shungite cosmetics do not contain chemicals and other artificial substances. Therefore, it is suitable for daily use and nourishes your skin or hair in a healthy and natural way. Besides, it is a perfect choice if you have sensitive skin. 


  1. Affordable price

In comparison with many other products labeled natural or organic shungite cosmetics is budget-friendly. Check it by having a look at our product listings.



      In a word, mineral cosmetics is the easiest way to get salon-like beauty routine at affordable price and in the comfort of your home. It is your chance to get (and keep) the look you want and to preserve the good health that is at the heart of everything. Treat yourself with shungite cosmetics now. 

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Karate Goju Ryu Kata Gekisai Dai Ni:
20/08/2017, 11:49:46 PM

this is very helpful tips for every people.especially i like this .thank you for this tips

Karelian Heritage:
05/03/2019, 10:47:45 AM

Dear friend, thank you for your positive feedback, we are glad that you find this guide helpful! Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Téa Krzykowski:
23/01/2021, 05:11:02 AM

Hi, How much powder should I use in 8oz body butter recipe? Thank You.

Heritage Administrator:
26/01/2021, 12:45:45 PM

Dear Téa,Thank you for your comment!We would recommend using around 50-70 grams (0.11-0.15 lb) of shungite powder for this amount of body butter! We hope this information helps!Sending love and light, Karelian Heriatge

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