1)   PayPal Payment


 We accept PayPal. With the use of PayPal payment option you can pay by Credit Card even if you do not have a PayPal account. You would be fully protected by PayPal buyer protection program. Just choose PayPal express payment option and proceed with the payment. You will be asked if you want to create a PayPal account or not. In case you do not see the sign of Credit Card payment instantly after continuing but there is a button create an account, please, press it and continue choosing if you wish or not to create a PayPal account. The process is very easy and secure. PayPal is leading international secure payment solutions system. 
             If you encounter any trouble with making a payment or you have any questions about completing your order please let us know and we will help you as soon as possible! You can write to us in our online chat or to


2) Credit Card Payment


If you want to proceed with the Credit Card Payment option you need to choose Bank Cards payment option at the checkout by pressing the corresponding button. The payment goes through authentication server of the Bank processing center using the Credit Cards of the following payment systems:

·         VISA International;

·         MasterCard Worldwide.


Data transfer process


To complete the payment you need to provide your Credit Card information. Data transfer process fully complies with the data security standard. The information will be transferred only to the authentication server of the Bank processing center via secure channel (TLS-protocol). All data is transferred in codified form and stored only on a special server of the payment system.


Payment procedure


In case of Credit Card payment transaction is made immediately after you place an order. Having placed an order at our store, you need to press the button “Credit Card payment”. You will be redirected to the web page of the authentication server, where you will be able to fill your credit card details, initiate its authorization and then return back to the store using the corresponding button. After it the system at our online store will notify you about the authorization. If the authorization is approved, the order will be processed automatically in accordance with specified conditions. If the authorization of the credit card is declined, you will be able to try again.

 All payments made in foreign currencies will be converted according to the Central Bank`s exchange rates.


In case of order’s cancellation

If you want to remove some items from the paid order or cancel the order, you will be able to order some other items for the same total price or get a full amount of money back to you card after contacting us via e-mail. Refund is issued to the same credit card that was used to complete the payment.