Shungite Dropshipping

You sell, Karelian Heritage takes care of the rest

We provide Shungite dropshipping which is an ideal business model for you and allows you to have all of our shungite products stock at your disposal without having to invest a single dollar. No matter whether you already have your own web site or account at marketplaces or you are just launching your online business, drop-shipping is an ideal solution for you for a number of reasons.

Advantages of a dropshipping with us

 No need to accumulate shungite stock, nor invest. All the products are available for you

We prepare and properly package the shungite orders for you, no need for your own logistics.

Deliveries across the whole of EuropeWe deliver directly to your client, and provide your information.

Deliveries with your name and company image.Deliveries with your name and company image.

>Annual volume discountIncreased volume discounts.
Wholesale price on single unitsWholesale prices 
Catalogue in 24 European languagesEnglish catalog of shungite products