Shungite Jewelry

Shungite Jewelry

           Along with being trendy accessories shungite jewelry have multiple protective properties that allow us to feel safe every moment of our lives. Shungite jewelry pieces are perfectly designed for everyday personal protection against harmful influences. Wearing shungite jewelry gives you a great chance to shield yourself from electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that densely surrounds us due to a huge number of electronic devices and gadgets in our modern world of technologies. Besides, shungite has also proven to ensure spiritual healing and it will help to balance the energy flows in your body and biofield for you to feel calm and joyful.

            All the shungite jewelry were perfected to look attractive and eye-catchy to provide you with protection in good taste, and that is the reason why they are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The deep black colour of the mineral and the huge variety of shapes into which this mineral can be turned and perfected makes shungite jewelry desirable and the curative and protective properties of this stone of life ensure your personal protection and shield you from any harm from the outside.

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Authentic shungite pendant Triskele

Shungite pendant with engraved Scandinavian symbolMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: roundMade of polished regu..


Elite shungite stud earrings

Elite shungite stud earringsMATERIAL AND SIZEWeight: approximately 5 grams (0.01 Ib) The item ..


Engraved shungite pendant Yggdrasil Shield

Shungite protection pendant Yggdrasil ShieldMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: roundMade of polished regul..


Minimalist shungite protective pendant for men

Shungite natural stone protective pendant for men  MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: triangleMaterial:&..


Petrovsky shungite polished pendant "Pendulum"

Petrovsky shungite stone pendant "Pendulum" MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: sharp pendulum Style: polish..


Protective shungite stone pendant

Highly protective shungite stone pendant MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: rectangular Material: polished re..


Shungite bracelet with 14 mm beads on spandex band

Shungite bracelet with big polished beads MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: regular shungiteWeight: 50 gra..


Shungite bracelet with polished rectangular beads on elastic band

Shungite bracelet against negative energies MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: polished shungite rectangul..


Shungite bracelet with round 9 mm beads, black marbles and a chain snap

Healing shungite bracelet with black 9 mm beads MATERIAL AND SIZEMAterial: polished shungite round..


Shungite jewelry comprehensive protection set -30%

Shungite jewelry comprehensive protection set

Shungite jewelry comprehensive protection  MATERIAL AND SIZE1. Elite shungite stud ea..

$49.62 $34.96

Shungite merkaba pendant

Shungite stone merkaba pendant for personal protection MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: merkaba Made of p..


Shungite pendant "Flower of life"

Shungite pendant with engraved symbol Flower of lifeMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: roundMade of polished re..


Shungite pendant "Slavic shamrock"

Shungite pendant with Shamrock engraving MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: roundMade of polishe..


Shungite pendant "The Helm of Awe"

Shungite pendant for balance and inner peace MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: roundMade of polished regu..


Shungite shambhala macrame 2-row bracelet

Shungite shambhala marcame bracelet with polished beads MATERIAL AND SIZEMaterial: regular shungite..