Shungite Jewelry Item location: Russia (15-25 BD delivery)

<h1>Shungite Jewelry  Item location: Russia (15-25 BD delivery)</h1>
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Elite shungite pendant (wrapped) -30%

Elite shungite pendant (wrapped)

Elite shungite wrapped pendant for personal EMF protectionMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: unique shape of original elite shungite nuggetMade of raw elite shungite nuggetSize: variesWeight: 10-15 grams (0.011 - 0.03 pounds)ABOUT SHUNGITE PENDANTSAUTHENTIC Our elite shungite pendants are made of real stone extracted from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Karelia. This is the only deposit in the world where such an amazing mineral is mined. We are originally from Karelia and have been specializing in Shungite sin..

$42.84 $29.99

Shungite bracelet Happiness

 Shungite bracelet for personal protectionMATERIAL AND SIZEStyle: with a claspMaterial: polished regular shungite round and oval beadsSize of oval shungite bead: 13*9 mm (0,51*0,35 inches) Size of round shungite bead: 9 mm (0,35 inches) Number of beads: 17 Weight: 20 grams (0,044 pounds) Size of the bracelet: approximately 7,5 inchesPlease, be advised that all pictures are for illustrative purposes only!This item is available for delivery fro..