Natural Shungite Healing Jewelry: Make It a Point

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     Shungite have long been used in different healing rituals filling with energy, stimulating chakras and improving health. How to incorporate powerful vibrations of the stone into your daily life? Try out unique shungite stone jewelry made with love and charged with northern Karelian sun. 


Benefits of handmade shungite jewelry:

  • Personal EMF protection on a daily basis

          Wearing natural shungite stone jewelry on a daily basis you will shield yourself from electro-magnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones, computers and numerous other gadgets we constantly use. Even minimalist shungite pendant or bracelet is perfect for comprehensive personal protection.

  • Stress relief

          Trendy shungite jewelry may be your source of positive energy. Protecting you from all the negativity of the outside world and filling you with energy, shungite will help to deal with stress and anxiety. Shungite jewelry will keep you focused and let you be productive and successful at work despite constant pressure, deadlines and other results of the modern rat race.

  • Health improvement

           Healing power of shungite stone has major impact on cardiovascular system; improves the blood circulation, functioning of the immune and some other internal systems of your body. Besides, our neck, ears and wrists are highly sensitive parts of our body with different bioactive spots. Therefore, wearing shungite as a piece of jewelry enhances curative effect of the stone. Shungite jewelry is your must-have if you suffer from headaches, insomnia or anxiety.

  • Chakra balancing

          Stylish shungite jewelry pieces are known as powerful chakra balancing tool. Wearing natural shungite bracelet or necklace you will heal your root chakra and balance all energy flows. It will improve your mood and bring harmony and stability into your daily life.


What kind of shungite jewelry do you need?

Shungite bracelets


Arming yourself with a natural shungite stone bracelet you will feel stable and secure no matter where you are. It will ward you off any negativity. The wrist area is extremely sensitive part of the body with numerous bioactive spots. Therefore, wearing a bracelet you let shungite healing energy resonate with the natural energy field of your body. It amplifies the overall positive impact of the stone on your physical and emotional health. Shungite bracelets are your must-haves if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or problems with the nervous system.


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Shungite necklaces


Shungite necklace will create an armor of protection around your body to shield you from harmful energy. Moreover, thanks to close location to the heart and lungs shungite necklaces have a positive impact on cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Wearing a necklace on a daily basis will improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, get rid of asthma and other breathing problems.

Shungite pendants



Shungite pendant is likely to become your favorite amulet protecting you from EMF, geopathic stress, evil eye and any other danger. It will be a perfect solution for energy sensitive people who feel easily drained. Thanks to positive vibrations of the stone, shungite protective pendants will help you to deal with mood swings, numbness, and out-of-nowhere depressive tendencies.


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Shungite earrings

Shungite earrings are a perfect solution for you if you’re eager to increase your productivity and improve performance. Due to close location to the brain, earrings will boost your memory, help you concentrate and stay focused especially during grunt work. Besides, wearing shungite earrings you will get rid of insomnia or other sleeping disorders, strengthen your nervous system and reduce the risk of cancer by shielding yourself from EMF.

Shungite rings

Shungite rings will stimulate numerous bioactive spots in your fingers related to the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. Your fingers are primary means to feel, give, and receive energy. Therefore, wearing a shungite ring will let the shungite positive healing energy of the stone flow into your body improving stress resistance, healing emotional blockages and improving your well-being.

      Handmade shungite jewelry will let you experience the healing energy of this unique stone. What’s more? The effortless beauty of natural shungite stone, its deep black color and endless number of shapes it can be turned to will help you to look eye-catchy and find a piece of jewelry for any occasion. Peruse our rich and unique shungite jewelry collection!