Yesterday It was Your Body, Now It is Your Phone: Digital Detox with Shungite

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        Digital space today is in a lot of ways a substitute for a physical one. Just imagine how much more time you spent there in comparison with your parents only some 25 years ago (spoiler alert: it was probably zero seconds), and you can see what kind of impact digital space has on our modern day-to-day existence. And in a way, we are always present in it and its never-ending noise – so basically we have become participants in countless events of our cities, countries and the entire world even though we have nothing to do with these events. All of that can bear a large amount of stress with it, as a lot of information, both positive and negative, roam through our head every day, let alone the fact that we are always under the influence of electromagnetic fields (or EMF), emitted by our gadgets. Today we are going to tell you what do you need to do to conduct an effective digital detox, which will ease your mind and positively influence your everyday life.


        Turn off your notifications. Of course, the issues which we have been mentioned above are not the only ones that you need to keep in mind while being subjected continuously to digital space. One of the most common problems people encounter is that the digital space simply is very distracting, and it can interfere with our necessary affairs, work, and hobbies. You know this scenario: you try to focus on your task at hand and work hard, yet you can’t help but take your phone in your hand once you hear that buzzing and check out what has happened on the edgeless plains of the internet. And even if you adore those kittens your neighbor posts every day, it is evident that this kind of activity distracts you and affects your performance and productivity. So, the first step on your journey towards the ultimate digital detox should be simply turning off all of those notifications on your phone/tablet/PC and check everything you need when you have a spare minute. That way, you will pay attention only to those things in your digital space that you need and stay focused during your everyday activities.


        Delete unnecessary apps. Phone applications can easily lure us with their flashy design and ads and become a real time killer. It is completely ok if you need that kind of time killer. However, when there is no need for that, they become time consumers. The situation is simple: you come home and, feeling tired, decide to spend 10-15 minutes playing some game on your phone and end up forgetting all of your chores and healthy positive activities since these games are designed to be time (and money) consumers. It is you who loses this time, and there is no way of getting it back. So, our advice is you open your apps list right away and delete every app that you don’t need, especially simple and silly games. After you’ve done it, you will notice that it is much easier to start doing important activities once there is nothing to distract you.


        Unsubscribe and unfollow. We hope it doesn’t come as a surprise to you, the internet is a big mess which gives you all of that informational noise we’ve mentioned earlier. If you started using the internet at a young age (which is a commonplace today), we bet today you have a lot of subscriptions and follow so many pages on your social media, that half the time that you see a new post in your feed, you can’t help wonder: “Who is that?”. Because of that, your feed becomes a bottomless pit of strange opinions, low-quality content, and just white noise, and this interferes with you getting information and content that you actually like and enjoy. Yet again, the solution to that very problem is very simple: open the lists of your subscriptions on Youtube and other social media platforms and unfollow those that you are not interested in anymore.


        Set up cloud storage. Another mess that you can encounter on your way towards your digital detox is your file storage on any given device. Some people are very good at keeping their files in order, however, for people who grew up in the digital age, it is often hard to maintain order at home, let alone in computer/phone. This disorder that you see every day under your nose can contribute to an overall feeling of depression from the fact of your inability to keep such simple things in check. We are sure that you are still able to find everything you need there, they are your files after all, yet there is a simple solution that will make you feel better and take all this mess away from your sight. Cloud storages are commonplace today, and they can become a remedy for this problem. They are easily accessible and simple in use, so it shouldn’t be challenging setting one up.


        Reduce time in front of a screen. After you complete all of these crucial yet smaller steps, you can really push the boundaries of your routine and lean towards reducing the overall time you spend in digital space, especially in front of an electric screen, since EMF from the screen can have a harmful effect on your health. We understand that it can be quite challenging since the internet and visual media are such a substantial part of modern life. However, by reducing the time we spend consuming digital information, we also reduce the amount of stress, tension, and negative energy that we get daily.


        Plan a phone-free day. A logical continuation of a previous point, this can actually become a massive catalyst for changes. Changing your habits, especially if they are embedded in your after years of using digital devices. So if you can’t stop your subconscious urges to check your phone during the day, the solution to that will be just to plan a day, when you will not use your phone (or other electronic devices) at all, as when you will totally deprive yourself of the possibility of distracting yourself with the internet, the temptation will go away. Make sure that this gadget-free day doesn’t interfere with your professional life, so maybe it is better to plan it on the weekend and spend it outdoors, where you can reestablish your connection with the Earth.



        Try shungite to ease your discomfort. As you start to get rid of more and more digital space in your life, you will feel discomfort because of the vacuum that emerges in its place. Fear of missing out, stress related to the lack of information in your life, anxiety connected to your desires to text someone – all of these factors can affect your overall mood and general state. That is why you might need some powerful soothing energy to reduce the amount of stress and discomfort, and you can find this energy in shungite, a magnificent, powerful stone from Karelia, Russia. Shungite is strongly connected to the Root Chakra and thanks to that it can bring you closer to the energy of the Earth, so it would become easier for you to let go of digital space and electric gadgets, apart from getting rid of aforementioned distressing symptoms. Shungite also blocks a large amount of EMF and 5G radiation, so you can keep shungite pieces around you to diminish their harmful effects. The broad array of shungite goods makes your crystal healing experience with shungite very personal: you can place shungite decorative items, such as shungite cubes, spheres, pyramids, figurines, etc. to protect your household and feel better when you rest at home, use regular shungite and elite shungite stones or shungite jewelry for personal protection during the day, especially during busy work hours, or even shield yourself from the harmful influence of your phone with shungite phone stickers and phone stands.


        Take these simple steps to achieve your own digital detox to improve your physical and mental health. Even though it may seem very hard to do at the present day and age, we are sure that with the help of such a powerful crystal as shungite, everything is possible. Purchase shungite and secure your personal digital detox!



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