Don’t You Forget About You! Shungite for Self-love and Inner Beauty

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        We often spend so much time caring about the world around us that we can easily forget to direct our energy and love towards the most important in our lives: ourselves. For that, we will inevitably pay the price in a form of low self-esteem, depression and stress. So what is the nature of this neglect of self-love and how to overcome it to achieve great inner beauty again?


Take a look in a mirror


        Some psychologists connect low self-esteem and self-hatred with inability to cope with failures. You do something, you fail and what should you do next? Well, giving up and blaming yourself for the failure is a straight way to heavy depression. What is usually advised in this situation is digging up the reason for the failure. Maybe you’ll find out that it wasn’t your fault after all. Maybe you will see exactly what went wrong with your actions and will think about how you can fix and change it. Hell, you can even try again seeing everything in clearer way.


Confidence is the key


        If you constantly scold yourself over your failures this only leads to massive self-doubt and self-disapproval. Don’t get us wrong, self-criticism is a great thing when done correctly, and how it should be done is with a clear mind, with respective praise for your good deeds and, what is the most important, with an intention to deal with problems in your actions and behavior. However, self-scolding and further self-loathing only leads to further fear of taking decisions, action and, in the end, deterioration of your mental health.


        Basically, to face the hardship of failures and insecurity you will need mature emotional and mental stability. Of course, achieving that at adult age is complicated, since it is mostly connected with healthy upbringing, however, if you put your mind to it, everything is possible. And we have something that can increase your chances and have already effectively turned so many lives around for the best.


The great healer


        Shungite stone from the heart of Russian North, the Republic of Karelia, is well-known to be a healing and protective stone. A lot of people use it to secure themselves from negative influences and to improve their health. Mental health is also included in shungite’s area of expertise. Its de-aging processes keep you further away from such terrible ailments as dementia and ALS. In turn, its properties in rest, relaxation and restoration battle stress, anxiety, tension and fatigue. With shungite it is much easier to stay in a great mood and go about your day, as well as to greet every new day with happiness. Positive attitude towards life is just as important for your self-love: it is very difficult to feel positively about yourself if you can’t find joy in the simplest things.


        What also bears great importance for our self-love and inner beauty is shungite’s metaphysical properties. It’s ability to filter the negativity always fills you with positive energy flows which is essential for your emotional stability. Shungite gives its user a great deal of determination and guidance so it becomes much easier to overcome failures and setback and makes your goals clearer. This all is beneficial for finding your true self and endorsing it so you could achieve your full potential. And naturally, shungite is able to promote your confidence and self-assurance – massive pillars of emotional health.


What I need to do to achieve it?


        Everything is really simple when it comes to shungite healing. For shungite to have an effect on your mental stability you can just carry it around with you all day long. Tumbled shungite stone, elite shungite nugget, small shungite sphere, you name it: simply put it in your pocket and you can forget about it while it does its job to make you feel better. Another way to find inner beauty and self-love is with style: just wear shungite jewelry. It will not only make you love yourself because it looks awesome, shunigte properties will make sure to work their best when you are wearing it. Also don’t forget about the environment at your household: you can always improve it with such shungite products as pyramids, spheres, cubes, figurines, shungite tile and so one. Again, they will improve your mood and attitude while exquisitely decorating your home. And last, but definitely not least, meditations with shungite products, like eggs, spheres and harmonizers. The most effective form of shungite healing, meditation will make you take a break from the fast pace of the modern world and you devote 15 minutes twice a day only to yourself and your inner beauty.


        To sum up, never forget to love yourself. Don’t blame yourself for setbacks in your life yet try to solve them for your own life. Purchase and love shungite and it will love you back with the magnificent spectrum of its healing and protective properties!

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