Basic EMF Protection and Root Chakra Balancing Shungite Set -30%
The set includes 3 items: 1 bracelet, 1 pendant, 1 elite shungite stoneShungite bracelet: Made..
$39.95 $27.81

Elite shungite pendant Shape: unique shape of original elite shungite nugget Made of raw el..

      Sometimes it can be challenging to pick gifts for your friends and family, eve..

Shungite pyramids wholesale set - 4 pieces directly from Russia -30%
Shungite pyramids are the most popular shungite items all over the world. They are widely used not o..
$16.19 $11.32

Petrovsky shungite bracelet with big beads in natural shapeWeight: 18 grams (0,63 ounce) 13 beads i..



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