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           Karelian Heritage is a young and dynamic company located in The republic of Karelia, the Northwest of Russia.Karelia is the region known for its beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls, amazing landscapes, healing water springs and natural resources. There is nothing surprising that Peter the Great founded the first Russian resort called The Martial Waters here. One of most outstanding things which the pure norther nature provided us with is shungite. This stone is known all over the world now due to its numerous positive properties.

          The establishment of Karelian Heritage Company was the result of the strong willingness to introduce this stone to the people all over the world and increase its availability and knowledge about it. Our company has been providing the world with highest quality shungite products for years. Our shop and production facilities are located in the very heart of shungite lands, here in the Republic of Karelia, whichis the only place where this amazing mineral originates from.

        Our commitment is to help people to experience the magic and positive properties of this amazing mineral with having the items at affordable prices. All our products are produced with love and care in Karelia and are charged with the power of pure Northern Nature and the Sun.

         We came around to bring the knowledge and educate people of how to use this stone and how to get the most out of it. Shungite makes lives of many people safer and better. We do our best to provide you with shungite items which meet your daily demands and would be happy to help you with finding what you need. Feel free to contact us if any help isneeded.

       Our company is ready to cooperate and help you develop your own business being our partner. Please check our page for partners. Wholesale orders and drop shipping is welcome.

       Throughout the years of our work we have gathered many testimonials of our customers and have proven to be an international Top-Rated Seller. You can check some of them at trusted global platforms for secure shopping such as eBay and Etsy. Customer satisfaction and delight is what Karelian Heritage value the most. 

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