The Mystery of Shamballa: Macrame Bracelets with Shungite

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        The world of crystal healing and stone jewelry is truly a never-ending journey and each day we find something new that we can use and share with the rest of the world. Today we are going to tell you about something very special and personal and that you can make by yourself and enjoy its power – Shamballa bracelet. These bracelets have been popular across many generations yet not a lot of people really know about their spiritual meaning and rich history that has its roots in various completely different cultures of the world. So let’s take a closer look and try to find out more about Shamballa bracelets.



Where it comes from

        Shamballa bracelets are made with the technique called macramé, which came from the Arab world in the 13th century through the modern day Spain, where the war was going between the Moors and the Christians. The name macramé derives from migramah (مقرمة), which means “striped towel” and the most distinguishing feature of macramé is that it is made with knotting instead of knitting. Through Spain, macramé spread through the Western world, first to Italy and then to the court of Queen Mary of England, whose endorsement made macramé extremely popular. Through England, great maritime power, macramé spread to every corner of the world and even today remains a popular staple of clothing, crafting and jewelry.

        However, Shamballa bracelets themselves come from the Far East, namely Tibet. Shamballa is actually a name of a mythical lost mountain kingdom, which holds great spiritual importance for Tibetan people. As the kingdom itself was believed to be a paradise on the Earth, these bracelets represent a connection to the power of Shamballa, and a bracelet grants its wearer a great deal of love, perfection, enlightenment and peace, however different crystals and colors bring additional properties to a Shamballa bracelet, but we shall tell you about it a little bit later.


        Another important sacred tradition to which Shamballa bracelets are connected is the traditions of Tantra in Buddhism and other religious beliefs of the Far East, like Sutra in Induism. The word “tantra” itself literally means “weaving together” and “sutra” means “sewing together” and today they constitute for large and complex systems of belief, rituals and traditions, so it is believed that Tantra was weaved and warped like fine texture. That is why Shamballa bracelets are so important to people of Tibet and other regions of the Far East. Basically, they are one piece of these Tantra rituals, and from rituals like these Buddhist understand the world better as a complex weaving of ideas, events, people and phenomena.

What difference crystals make

        As we’ve mentioned above, some properties of Shamballa bracelet depend on the color of the crystal you are using

        For example, white crystals in a Shamballa bracelets represent light and purity, that is why they are responsible for bringing clarity, peace and happiness, as well as promoting cleansing and positive energy. 

        Blue crystals have vibes that are in tune with our mind, that is why Shamballa bracelets with them greatly influence our creativity, mental health, memory and wisdom. If you are stuck in creative rut and don’t see a way out or just trying to find relaxation in today’s craziness, blue is certainly a color for you. 

        Green crystals are the ones which have the deepest connection with the nature, so if you are trying to find a balance between your mind and body and reconnect with the Earth, green Shamballa bracelet is the one for you. It also has great influence over luck and general well-being.

        Purple color is often associated with royalty, that is why purple Shamballa bracelet is a perfect tool for acquiring strength and ambition. You will get a clear sense of direction, your goals and how to achieve them. And if you need it, you will manage to possess some ruthlessness that is so often needed in business. 

        Black is another color of natural raw strength and power. Black Shamballa bracelets inspire leadership, knowledge and security, which is just what you need if you have some grand plans in mind. Another advantage of a black bracelet is its elegance and formality, and shungite is perfect for that with its magnetic deep black color. And as shungite is a soothing and calming stone, you will be able to fully relax and restore your power once all the business is concluded. That is why we offer a selection of handcrafted shungite Shamballa bracelets, yet it is also quite easy to make at home by yourself.

Get ready to knot and weave

        If you decide to make your own shungite Shamballa bracelet, color is not the thing that you need to decide upon, yet there are other. You should always feel comfortable while wearing a Shamballa bracelet, so you should decide on its size beforehand. It shouldn’t be too large or too small, so if you have a small stature, we would advise in favor of one-row bracelet with smaller beads, however if you have a muscular or large stature, you can always add more rows of beads and use larger beads, even raw stones. 

        So you have a lot of options in your creative process while you are making your own Shamballa bracelet. You can determine how many rows of weaving will be there and how to distribute shungite beads. You can have a bracelet in which shungite beads are simply together in one spot or much more complex design in which each bead is separated by cords and knots. You can even use just one raw elite shungite nugget which is a powerhouse of grounding and positive energy. Remember that your cord should be both strong and elastic to endure all the weaving and knotting.

        But if you wish to skip the last part, and we don’t blame you, after all, not all of us love crafting, you can browse our catalogue of shungite macramé and Shamballa bracelets, which carry both stylish beauty of shungite and sacrificial wisdom of countless generations. Purchase Shamballa bracelets and touch the history and knowledge of the world with the nature of the North!



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