Living in a Health Lane: Protect Your Car with Shungite With Shungite!

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        Usually when we talk about shungite healing and protection we talk about personal protection, which includes carrying shungite stones and goods around all day long or wearing shungite jewelry; or about the protection and upbringing of healthy environment at our homes – through shungite decorative items, such as cubes, spheres, pyramids, etc. The latter includes shungite healing at our desktops to prevent stressful situations, anxiety and fatigue. Basically, we have covered all of our daily activities with our shungite routine, except for one, not less crucial that others. We of course talk about the time we spend commuting in our automobile.


Wow, this is stressful


        How many times have you encountered the situation on the road when you were so angry that you could punch someone? Unmannered drivers rolling around very fast with disregard to your vehicle or other people’s lives, or on the other hand, slow drivers when you are in a hurry; heavy traffic while you are being late, horrendous weather when you can’t see a thing – all of that can heavily influence your mood or attitude for the day. It is important to keep such a negativity in check, since driving a car is no joke. In case you lose control over yourself or become reckless you can inflict some serious damage both to yourself and to people around you. Thus there is a need to filter all the negative energy inside your car, and the most effective way to do it is with crystal healing together with shungite!


EMF is lurking around while you are driving around


        Even if you are driving a regular gas fueled car, there is a danger from you being subjected to radiation from harmful electro-magnetic fields (or simply EMF), because of all electronics which can be found there (and remember, even a gas car is powered by a large battery in a hood). Imagine what it’s like if you are actually driving an electric car or a hybrid. The EMF count must be completely off the charts! With that amount of harmful EMF in your car you are under a massive risk of developing a dangerous disease before you hit 45. Luckily for you, we have been using shungite to battle EMF for years now and we have a lot of positive feedback from our clients to prove it. Thanks to its high amount of carbon and unique atomic structure called “fullerenes” shungite is able to act as shield for a lot of harmful influences in our environment, including EMF. It acts as a natural filter and succesfully manages to nullify harmful effects of EMF, especially in such a closed space of a car. Shungite will protect not only you, but also your passengers (who are often our close ones).


Bring shungite to every automobile in the world


        If you want to ask, “Well, that’s great and all, but how can we use shungite in our cars?”, the answer is very simple. Imagine that your car’s dashboard is your desktop, since the basic principles are the same: you do some kind of work to achieve some kind of goal, in doing so you get tired, lose energy, get stressed and so on, thus there is a need to restore your energy. And shungite, as you may already know is a great tool for rest, relaxation and restoration, and you need this kind of properties to always be on track.


        To enjoy shungite healing and protection in your car you can place smaller shungite cubes and pyramids on your dashboard (don’t forget to secure it from falling off, you are moving all the time after all, glue it to your dashboard or place it in a way it will never fall), or put large and the most powerful shungite items in a glove compartment. Rear-view mirror is perfect for hanging shungite pendants and their large variety will make your car interior truly unique (just remember to make pendant’s cord shorter, so it won’t be hanging too low). After all, you can simply take tumbled or elite shungite stones and lay them around in your car – in your armrest, ashtrays (if you don’t use them) or any other compartment which will be suitable.


        With shungite, everything is possible. If you are already a shungite lover and an enthusiast, you can protect your car right away. If you are a newcomer: purchase shungite products to bring some of that famous shungite healing and protection into your life!

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22/02/2021, 05:32:57 PM

I don’t think anyone is aware that their vehicle becomes an EMF zone when they’re driving along windows closed WiFi on. Didn’t know about the electric/hybrid cars but it makes sense. Thank you for the Info !

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