Time to Change and Reborn: Your Monthly Rituals for the Full Moon!

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        The Moon has always been considered a mysterious object by countless generations of men and only with the vast technological progress of recent couple of centuries we have gained a closer understanding of what its essence is. And today we always think about the Moon as an important source of energy (especially feminine energy) and it can have a massive effect on our everyday life. Even the Moon cycles can set a pace for routine and are extremely important. And the most important of them all is of course the full moon. There are so many meanings for it and so many traditions and legends have formed around it. Today we are going to look at some of the full moon rituals which can help you in modern day.


Be reborn


        The essential part of the full moon is that the Moon is reborn after its complete life cycle and it can have the same meaning for you. So if during a full moon you feel like you wish to turn your life around or even to start anew and completely change who you are, this is exactly the time to do it.


        One of the most effective ways to leave your past behind is to kill it with fire. But we don’t mean something dangerous and something that can inflict harm to anyone around you – we have a simple little fire ceremony in mind. What you need to do, is to write your bad thoughts that give you negative vibes or which describe your negative experiences in life over a month heading towards the full moon (if you wish you can do it in one go). The writing should be on paper. When the full moon comes and the Moon is reborn, you should tear your writing in little pieces and burn everything. Make sure that you know everything about fire safety and if you have doubts about it, do it outside. The ritual wards off all negativity right away, and the next day you will be able to build your life again brick by brick.


Charge your life with energy


        If you are a crystal lover and enjoy daily crystal healing, then you should remember that crystals can lose their effectiveness due to their constant work and their constant amassing of negative energy that they protect you from. That is why it is important to cleanse and recharge your crystals so they would always be in their top shape. As we have mentioned above, the Moon is a powerful source of energy, so it can be a recharging tool for your crystals. All you have to do is to leave your crystals under direct moonlight for the whole night. Moon is believed to bring feminine energy, so this energy, when transferred to your crystals, will make great deal for your compassion, emotional health, intuition, soft skills, etc. The energy of the Moon can be so powerful that it can remain with the crystal for the next full moon and not deplete itself.


Make the changes


        If you are starting to feel uncomfortable at home, it will be a perfect moment to rearrange your furniture. Or if you are feeling that your appearance has become stale, maybe it is time to clean out your closet. The time of full moon is great for such changes, as your changes will be synched to the changes of the Moon and its positive energy will make sure that your changes will also be positive ones. The same goes for cleaning your life from all the things you don’t really need. Clothes, books, old electronics and so much more – you definitely can find a lot of stuff you can throw away if you look around right now. It is important to keep your life fresh and not stale and the full moon is a perfect time to make your life clean again. If you don’t want to simply throw it away, you can always find a way to recycle or donate to charity, and along with cleaning your life you will also do a good deed for your planet or someone else.


Relaxing is never a bad thing


        We always advocate calmness and relaxation at the end of the day and creating a soothing atmosphere at home with shungite and other crystals. The full moon period is the time when you can totally let it go and go breaking bad. With the help of the energy of the Moon you can recharge your power so you can enter a new month with full charge of energy and without stress or fatigue. To do that you can rest at evening with a candlelight, take a relaxing bath with all the bath foams and salts you have been so curious about or use relaxing cosmetic products that you so long wished to used. If you prefer to relax outside of your home, you can go visit a spa for a whole day and enjoy stone massages (preferably with shungite), saunas, detoxes and masks. You can even relax through straining your body, so a good workout will make you feel great and ready to hit that next month. More moderate exercises include meditations and yoga, and they will have even greater effect if you will complement it with drinking detox crystal infused water.


        So as you can see, the full moon period can become a busy couple of days that will have a tremendous effect on your life. Make sure to try some of these advises and share your experience with us in comment section. Keep on moving and changing, because the Moon never stays in one spot!


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