Weekly Meditation Routine: Find Your Balance with Shungite Harmonizers!

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        Meditation is a great way to bring balance to your mind and body. And it works even better if you use shungite harmonizers, created specifically for this reason: for comfortable, stable, deep and relaxing meditation sessions. We decided to come up with some kind of weekly meditation routine with shungite harmonizers, try it out on ourselves and share the results and findings with you. Maybe our experience will help you to determine your own meditation practices, or you can simply just follow this one.


        We should start with our weapon of choice for the week: polished cylinder harmonizers, one made of shungite and another of soapstone. The greatest thing about this set is that the stones which the set is made from are polar opposites, representing different phenomena of life. Shungite represents the feminine, dark nature of life and the energy of the moon (yin in eastern culture). Soapstone, on the other hand stands for the masculine nature of life, light energy and the sun (yang). Physically, they are opposites as well: shungite stimulates the lower part of your body, while soapstone works with the upper body. With this in mind, we started our daily meditations, also remembering our intentions and affirmations.


Monday – preparations and cleansing


        Monday is a hard day and we all know this. So it is an important day for getting yourself ready for the fast pace of the rest of the week. We began our meditation right from the start: Monday morning seemed like the best time for the first meditation. Our goal was to wash away last week’s fatigue and reenergize ourselves for the new beginnings and endeavors. It felt that it would be better to start right after sleep, so we would first cleanse our mind in meditation and then our physical body afterwards, to complete the picture, and it turned out to be great. We chose this affirmation: “I am attracting wonderful new adventures to me. My life is a blessing – taking me to new places inside and out.” We think it is great for attracting new things, even not globally – it can be just new things for this month or even this week. After that it actually felt that we can conquer the world if we wanted to. And all we did was sitting down on Monday morning with harmonizers in each hand for 15 minutes. That’s the power of shungite and its energy.


Tuesday – physical balance


        We have decided to devote the middle of the week to finding different kinds of balances of life – physical, emotional and mental. That seemed as a perfect thing to do to get our life in order – comprehensive balance of the body, emotions and mind. If you want to continue in the Monday’s pace, you can start your meditation in the morning, but we wanted to give it more time after the busy day, so we meditated in the evening during the rest of the week. After a little research we have decided that it would be better to use something similar to a mountain pose, adjusting it to the fact that we would be holding shungite harmonizers in each hand. The goal of the exercise was to find a physical center of our body without leaning in any direction. After we have succeeded in that task we just went ahead with the affirmation: “I bless my body daily and take good care of it”. As we wanted to increase the time of further meditations, we meditated for 20-25 minutes and then worked out to outline the physicality of Tuesday’s meditation. After that we rested and it felt great as we have let go of all the physical strains that night and let in great amount of energy into our body.


Wednesday – emotional balance


        As we were working full-time during the week, the emotional strain on our bodies started to show during the midweek with all the stress and interpersonal relations of different quality, so we have decided that it would be best to devote this day to achieving emotional balance. The settings for Wednesday meditation was quite similar to the Tuesday one – evening, 20-25 minutes, shungite harmonizers. It is the mindset, that should be different here, so we have switched up it and redefined our intentions. We have thought that it would be best to go with the idea that we should give the loving and kind attitude towards all the living world and let go of hatred, disgust, jealousy and other negative emotions. We have chosen this affirmation for the evening: “I am strong and in control of my emotions”. After this great Wednesday evening we were ready to carry on with our week without any emotional tension or stress.


Thursday – mental balance


        We continued our weekly meditations with the idea of reaching overall balance and the next step on this path was mental balance. It gets more and more important as the week progresses to cope with the stress and tension of daily routine and large workload. Again, we have approached mental balance in the same manner as physical and emotional balances in previous days, but with different intentions. As it is, this may be the hardest meditation we have ever pulled off, as we have decided to practice a technique called “relaxed alertness”. During our meditation with harmonizers we tried to be calm yet focused at the same time. It was a difficult task to master, but in the result we became more aware of our path towards our goals, and it became easier to plan every next move. We have chosen the affirmation: “I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am”, and went with it throughout our meditation.


Friday – securing the balance


        The last day of the workweek is always tempting for us to let go of ourselves and rest right after 5 p.m., but we wanted to battle that in order not to lose the progress we had made already. We have decided to secure this progress with comprehensive 30 minute meditation stimulating the overall balance of our life. We have intended to focus on the links between physical, emotional and mental and fuse them together to harmonize the balance between them. The affirmation we have used for Friday meditation was: “I am physically and emotionally connected and healed”. This calming meditation at the end of the week summarized the great work we have done during the week and ensured that all this work wasn’t in vain.


Weekend – relaxing meditations


        After such a productive week, we, of course, needed a good rest to be sure that the next week would be just as productive. So we have decided not to exert ourselves too much but spend more time outside. In the end, both on Saturday and Sunday we have meditated twice a day for 15 minutes, just sitting outside with shungite harmonizers in the sunlight enjoying the nature and connecting to it. We chose this affirmation: “I am centered and quiet”, as it represented our intentions properly. Of course, it was great that the weather could answer to our intentions too, but if this isn’t possible we would advise for finding a spot indoors with a great view over your local nature. The week was wrapped up with our calm and collected mind and great zeal for the next week.


        We went with this timetable for two weeks and made a pause for other ventures and practices, as we would advise for anyone, who wants to try it. You can use this meditation routine every two weeks, as we surely will in our path towards greater inner balance. Shungite harmonizers have proved themselves to be a great tool for balance, as it channels the energy effectively in and out of your body, stimulates your chakra system, promote physical and mental health. Don’t forget to strengthen your meditations with powerful affirmations. You can always use the ones we have offered, or any other you find suitable personally for you.


        We hope this meditation routine will help you to find harmony, awareness and focus in life and will be beneficial for your personal and professional life. Meditate with shungite harmonizers and achieve greatness with the best of Karelian Nature!

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