Shungite Q&A: How Does It Work?

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        We try to answer all of your questions daily, and from time to time we like to gather the frequent ones in a single article, so that you would have no misconceptions about our favorite rock. Or if you are a newcomer into the world of shungite, this compilation will help you to get more acquainted with it so you could plunge in it deeper. Today’s questions are all connected to a single topic: how does shungite work? So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.


How does shungite cleanse water?


        That is, maybe, the most famous shungite property and the one it is mostly connected with, since shungite is used to filter water industrially. Well, we wouldn’t have called it unique if it wasn’t so, and here shungite is helped by its unique molecular structure. The molecules of carbon in shungite are organized in a way you will see pretty rarely. The shape of a molecule is familiar to a soccer ball and the molecule is called fullerene. Shungite actually helped to discover fullerenes and people who did it won the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1996 for that discovery.


        Fullerenes have many peculiar properties, and one of their peculiarities is that they can act as a sponge. Thanks to that, shungite is able to filter most of toxins and bacteria from water, which is backed by a number of scientific studies conducted by the Russian Academy of Sciences here in Karelia. Shungite also possesses antioxidant and antihistamine capabilities which help a lot in purification process.


How does shungite protect me from EMF?


        In large degree it is also all thanks to fullerenes. Thanks to this complex structure shungite is able to retract a huge chunk of electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and 5G radiation and protect you from it. Shungite is basically building an invisible wall around itself and shields everything in its coverage zone from the harmful influence of EMF. So it is better to have a shungite item on yourself when you are outside and a number of shungite products at home.


        And note this: fullerenes are only the molecules of carbon, so more there is carbon in your shungite, the more effective it is. That is why we prefer to use elite shungite stones for EMF protection and it goes the same for water purification.


How can shungite fertilize my plants?


        Aside from filtering out negative elements from water, shungite itself contains a lot of positive elements, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and others, aside from carbon. And shungite isn’t shy to hold it inside – shungite is constantly enriching your water with healthy elements. As shungite is a stone of life, it gives life to everything around it, and our houseplants are not exception. Whether you water them with shungite water, hold shungite stones in flower pots or use them as a drainage – shungite will make sure that your plants get only the best.


        The same goes for agriculture – shungite will be a great supplement for your garden and will provide health, growth and fertility for your plants. And it is not only thanks to its chemical composition – shungite is also a great heat accumulator, so if you will use shungite powder on your garden beds, they will retain warm through the night.


How does shungite provide skin and hair care?


        Well, a lot of it was said above, and two main things here are fullerenes and shungite chemical composition. That is where shungite gets most of its properties, including healing, nurturing and rejuvenating ones which are the most important when it comes to skin and hair care. Shungite will give your skin the best healing elements of nature and keep it fresh and clean. That is why there are so many shungite cosmetic products you can use, and with the combination of various natural products of Karelia you will get the best from the Northern healing and protection.


How does shungite help in spiritual development?


        As shungite spent 2 billion years in the ground, it has a really deep connection with the energy of the Earth. Thanks to that, it can stimulate your Root chakra, which in turn helps you to balance the whole chakra system. It is a perfect tool for grounding and balancing out positive and negative energy, bringing presence, understanding and awareness into your life. Of course, specific shungite products may have more spiritual properties, for example, thanks to its shape, shungite pyramid can serve as a conduit between the Earth and the divine.


        So here are the most popular questions about the work of shungite. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us. Purchase shungite and enjoy all the glory of the Northern nature!

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Frank Gonzales Jr.:
10/06/2020, 04:30:39 AM

How do you clean shungite stones after they have been used to purify water?

Karelian Heirtage:
11/06/2020, 10:42:54 AM

Dear Frank, thank you for your comment! If you use shungite as a filtering and purifying component to make beneficial shungite water, do the following procedure approximately once a month to restore the filtering capacity of the stones surfaces. Use acidic water by mixing one liter of warm water with some acid, for example lemon acid in a proportion of a one spoon of acid for a liter of water to clean the stones. Put the stones in this mixture and keep it like this for several hours or more. It helps to get rid of different premises and dirt on the surface of the stones. With time if you think it doesn’t help any more then it is better to change the stones. We hope it helps. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Chris Kovin:
24/07/2020, 10:30:48 PM

Thank you so much for the blog! I am convinced that shungite is everything you say (and more) after 3+ years of using it daily (all types of shungite in a wide variety of applications). It gets into you and suggests its own ways of using it to you. Maybe the most helpful thing I have found is that is has slowly but surely made me more energy sensitive, which has opened up the healing benefits of other things to me directly. Cheers!

Karelian Heritage:
31/07/2020, 10:02:38 AM

Dear Chris, thank you for your comment. We are eternally happy that you enjoy using shungite, and take the most from its properties and benefits! And thank you for reading our blog, we post new articles weekly. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Saira Jee:
03/12/2020, 03:53:38 AM

I agree with you Chris, it definitely makes you able to better sense subtle energies and more energy sensitive- not always a good thing when in a large shopping centre! However, I do find it calms the energy field around me, and people generally seem to become more calm also when within my field, so it literally makes me a nice person to be around! ;)

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