Why Shungite is Number One in Agriculture

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      As shungite is full of different microelements, contains numerous bioactive components and has adsorption, catalytic and anti-bacterial properties it has proven to be an integral part of agriculture. Since ancient times this mineral has been applied as an organic fertilizer that helps prudent farmers to get rich harvest, breed and treat the livestock. How can you use shungite for sustainable farming?



Shungite as organic fertilizer


      First and foremost, thanks to such micro- and macro-elements as phosphorus, vanadium, cobalt, copper, zinc, calcium and so on shungite has proven to speed up plants’ growth. This mineral stabilizes mineral composition of the soil, deoxidizes it and improves its physical characteristics. Filling the soil with minerals and other organic elements, shungite speeds up seed’s germination and overall productivity of the land. shungite-organic-fertilizer


      Apart from it, shungite is known for regulating temperature and humidity conditions. By adding shungite powder into the soil, you will reduce the need for copious irrigation that is extremely important during drought periods to ensure plants’ sustainable growth. As regards temperature control, due to its deep black color shungite actively absorbs the warmth of the sun during the day, retains the temperature for a long time and then releases the heat slowly and steadily at nights. This property is widely used in agriculture as well, especially in greenhouses. In greenhouses shungite also can be an additional source of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.  


      Besides, thanks to its high adsorption properties shungite is perfectly suitable to be used as a complex fertilizer alongside with other mineral manures. Shungite adsorbs other organic fertilizers and then steadily gives its back to the soil in small batches when the concentration is decreasing. It provides effective fertilization of the topsoil, but at the same time cuts extra costs by reducing the consumption of fertilizers.


shungite-stones-in-agriculture     Moreover, shungite adsorbs and neutralizes dangerous chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and their components. These toxic elements may poison the crop through the root system and pose threat to our health. Shungite seems to be a perfect solution in this case. This mineral will give you rich and sustainable harvest without any danger to your health.


      Shungite is perfectly suitable for all types of plants including green crops, fruit trees and bushes. Agronomists recommend using shungite in the form of powder twice a year: during the spring cultivation and after harvesting in autumn. You will need approximately 400-500 grams of shungite per square meter. In general, it is believed to increase soil fertility by 20-40%. Numerous experiments, carried out in Russia and Kazakhstan, have proven this fact.


      Besides, the example of Shunga village where the greatest shungite deposit is located can serve as evidence. Thanks to shungite deposit fertility of the soil there has always been higher than in other parts of the Republic of Karelia. In the 19th century Shunga’s peasants grew winter rye, corn and wheat, as well as different garden corps including potato, onion, carrot and beet.


Shungite: the secret to keep the products fresh and vitamined


  When you get rich and sustainable harvest you need to keep it fresh and preserve the highest quality as long as possible. Shungite is here for you again. Just put the fruits, vegetables or any other crops on a shungite tile for about an hour and then store them as usual. This simple step will help you not only to keep the harvest fresh, but also to preserve all the vitamins and microelements it contains.



Shungite for domestic animals




      On top of being an efficient and budget-friendly fertilizer, shungite is used in agriculture as additional food supplement for poultry and cattle stock. It reduces the cost of feed compound and increases liveweight gain. Experiments have also shown that in case of chicken shungite-based nutrition ensures high level of egg production. 


     What is more, some shungite cosmetics like creams or emulsions can be used for livestock’s treatment. Shungite improves tissue nutrition, promotes rapid healing and eliminates inflammation. Also this unique mineral provides strong analgesic and regenerative effects and is traditionally used by cattle farmers to accelerate the tissue recovery processes in fractures, sprains, breaks and dislocations.


      Thus, as you may see shungite is number one in agriculture. It ensures rich and sustainable harvest, maintains the highest quality of soil and water keeping its optimal microelement composition. 

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