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        Healing with water has many forms, the most popular being detox water and healing with natural smoothies. However, with crystal healing growing in popularity the newest trend comes into play – crystal elixirs. Of course, curious for us, shungite enthusiasts, as we have been doing the same thing for years with shungite water but it didn’t have any other name. So today our goal is to find out what crystal elixirs are it its essence and if shungite is a compatible addition to it.


Wait, you put what where?


        Crystal healing helps people around the world on a daily basis through meditations, massages, wearing crystals, exercises and so on. But we guess it is no secret that the best aid from healthy products comes from its internal consumption. Yet, crystals are solid bodies, thus it is dangerous to eat them, even if they are shuttered into a powder. That is why crystal lovers came up with the solution in a form of crystal infused water.


        Thanks to this crystal infused water, crystals can supply you directly with healthy amount of crystal energy and positive vibes. The healthy properties of various crystals provide you with crystal-specific healing and restoration.  Just as well, it is a great substitute for regular crystal carrying since crystals are either in the bottle, or water was pre-charged with crystal energy so there is no way you will lose small crystals or break them. Today, you can even find special bottles in which crystals are already installed, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.


So much choice


        That of course sounds perfect for any crystal lover, but question arises: what crystal should you choose for your crystal elixir? Well, that is pretty obvious, isn’t it? You make a decision just like with a regular crystal healing: you define your intentions towards the healing process and what benefits you want to get from the crystal. It can be anything from mental clarity and determination to do great things to love and protection from environmental and energy threats. After that you can check in numerous crystal guides what crystal suits your needs best and that will be your choice. For example, for happiness, luck, love and joy it is better to use quartz crystals, while for grounding and balancing you can try agate elixir. Red coral promotes creativity and knowledge and jade brings purity and clarity of the mind. So again: it all depends on your intentions and desires.


        However, another point for choosing a certain stone is your personal connection to it. If you feel that some crystal is calling to you or you feel its positive vibes and vibrations, you can be certain that you should put this crystal in your crystal elixir and its properties will make their best effort to turn your life around for the best.


Hello, my name is Shungite


        As we have mentioned above, we have been using shungite a sa base for our crystal elixirs for a long time now, and we in fact do believe, that it is one of the best stones for it. Shungite’s unique healing and protective properties bring so much to the table when it comes to healthy lifestyle. Shungite has proven itself to be a massively successful tool for treating digestive and cardiovascular disorders, skin diseases, increasing restoration of damaged tissue, reducing muscle and bone pains, headaches and toothaches, slowing down aging processes. This is all due to large antioxidant, antihistamine, antibacterial capabilities of shungite, as well as its ability to target free radicals and unique fullerene structure which allows shungite to filter all negative elements and toxins in water. What’s more, the chemical composition of shungite allows it to enrich water with positive and nutritious elements, such as zinc, calcium, phosphorous and so on.


        Making your own crystal bottle with shungite is also very simple. Just take shungite water stones, wash it before use, then put it inside of your favorite bottle that you use daily for drinking water. We advise putting  150-200 grams (0,33-0,44 lbs) of shungite per one liter of water (1,05 quart) or 50-70 grams (0,11-0,15 lbs) of elite shungite water stones. Leave it to rest for one day and then it will be ready to drink!


        Enjoy healthy and protected life together with shungite crystal elixirs. Shungite infused water is a great refreshment during exercises or a supplement during a diet. Purchase shungite water stones and bring some of the magical energy of the North into your life!

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14/11/2019, 05:11:06 PM

I have the shiney Elite Nobel Shungite.Since I got it a couple weeks ago I've been seeing the pieces with a matte surface. Do they both work equally as well for water treatment?

Karelian Heritage:
18/11/2019, 05:14:49 PM

Dear Vance, thank you for your comment. Elite Type I Shungite is considered to be the most effective type of shungite for water purification because it has the highest content of carbon - up to 90%. However, Regular Type III Shungite is also effective for water purification, you only need more Regular Type III Shungite per 1 liter of water. We recommend using 150-200 grams of Regular Type III Shungite per 1 liter water and 50-70 grams of Elite Type I Shungite per 1 liter of water. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

Bob Hannan:
22/11/2019, 10:30:10 PM, Karelianheritage.com

I was told to drink crystalline sylica water and get away from charcoal or carbon based waters.Also to treat a 2 liter bottle I believe would require .8 LBs to do that. And it has a finite life. What's your take on this. What's your recommendations.Thank youBob Hannan 3124934714

Karelian Heritage:
29/11/2019, 12:36:15 PM

Dear Bob, thank you for your comment. Carbon is one of the most effective filters, it is used in the majority of regular home water filters. Shungite's carbon is even more effective for water purification as it has a unique structure called fullerene. Shungite also fills water with beneficial elements, such as oxygen, calcium, magnesium. We advise putting 150-200 grams (0,33-0,44 lbs) of shungite per one liter of water (1,05 quart) or 50-70 grams (0,11-0,15 lbs) of elite shungite water stones. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Bets regards, Karelian Heritage

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