To Great and Small: Shungite Healing for All Ages

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        Shungite is a marvelous tool of crystal healing and protection, aside from being a magnificently beautiful black stone. We are glad to see that more and more people hop on the train of shungite really, and we are always happy to tell all the newcomers about powerful shungite properties. Whether you have just joined us or already have been a devoted shungite enthusiast for some time now, you are probably looking for new ways to use shungite, just as we do. Well, today we will give you a snippet of that. We have decided to think about how shungite can help different generations of people, like, let’s say that you want to order a large shungite for your entire family, what benefits will everyone get? Here it is:




1. Little Children


        Children are the most vulnerable to all the outside threats, since they don’t have all the security measures in the organism developed yet. That is why they truly need shungite’s help, as one of its major properties is security and protection. This is especially true about the modern world, where new threats to our health emerge every day, from environmental pollution that is getting worse in industrial regions, to the increasing amount of electric gadgets and devices around us, which subject us to harmful electromagnetic fields (or EMF).


        Shungite is the best means to fight EMF. Thanks to its unique carbon molecular structure called fullerenes, shungite is able to create a protective shield against EMF, which will effective diminish their harm. We would advise in favor of using shungite phone stickers if you have little children, since your smartphone is a major source of EMF, as well as laying shungite items around your household to protect your environment at home. What’s more, shungite is a great source of health and you can use it to strengthen your children’s weak immune system. Shungite water will be the best tool for that, as it is very simple to make and use.




2. Teens


        Kids in their teens are often subjected to a large amount of stress, and it is the main offender with which shungite is also able to fight. This stress includes a huge amount of stress, extracurricular activities, bullying at school, the tension of puberty and a burden of choices about teens’ future lives. Shungite has the ability to give people its soothing energy, which will ease your kids’ minds, let go of all the negativity and help them focus of what is really important, whether it is studying or their favorite hobbies, let them to be a judge on that. With shungite by their side, they will be able to think more clearly and become more aware, which will help them resolve all the rest problems. But how can you make your teen kiddo use shungite, while he/she is in their rebellious teen years?


        The answer is really easy: shungite jewelry. It is probably impossible to receive a positive response from a teenage kid if you ask him/her to carry a shungite stone in a pocket, but when you’ll show them exquisitely beautiful handmade jewelry piece made of magnetic deep black rock, that may interest them right away. After all, black is always the new black. This way, your kid can become an owner of truly unique one-of-a-kind elite shungite bracelet, ring or pendant, or countless other bracelets, necklaces and earrings made of shungite beads. Shungite healing and protection have never been so hip and youthful as with shungite jewelry.




3. Adults


        Well, if teen’s stress is getting them ready for an adult life, for adults themselves stress is more of a general state. That is why we as adults use shungite all the time for various reasons. First of all, of course, adulthood for some bears a plethora of issues: depression, apathy, fatigue, anxiety and so on. Shungite helps a lot in protection against those negative influences, as well as a huge amount of unwanted energies that lurk around us. We choose to have some small shungite decorations at work to shield ourselves from work-related stress, and a number of shungite items for interior decoration at home to establish a relaxing atmosphere in which we can enjoy our regular evening activities with no care in the world and get ready for a successful next day.


        With shungite we can also work on our grounding and awareness. Since shungite has spent over 2 billion years in the ground it has a great connection to the Root Chakra, which not only influences our security, but also balances our energy flows and grounds us in reality. With this ability, we will be able to see more clearly our place in life, our goals, and desires, which will have great positive effect on our everyday affairs. This way, with shungite meditations you will become a person, who can achieve great results in a professional career and find the best people imaginable in personal life.




4. Elderly people


        When you reach old age, it becomes as crucial as ever to look after your health. Your body becomes weaker and more susceptible to diseases and injuries. That is when shungite healing properties become the most relevant. Shungite water, as mentioned before, has a capability to sufficiently strengthen your immune system, but that is not its only ability. Shungite has a number of positive elements in it which will improve your digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, treat your skin disorders and muscle and tissue injuries. You can both consume it internally and implement it into your hygiene routine, or even use it as a base for drinks and food.


        Another type of shungite products which can improve on your health is shungite cosmetics. Shungite cosmetic items include a large variety of skin, foot, hand, face and hair care products which are made either on shungite water or include shungite powder. They also include an array of natural products of the North, for example, various herbs and berries, which add a plethora of their own healing properties to the mix. With shungite cosmetics you will enjoy all the powerful healing shungite properties on a daily basis and in addition, you will get a refreshing and rejuvenating effect which will slow down aging processes.


        Now you know that shungite can help everyone in a large family. Its powerful properties have use in any situation you will find yourself and your loved ones in and it will do its best to deliver. Purchase shungite products and enjoy the best healing and protection from the heart of the North!



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