Shungite in Spa and Wellness Centers: Relaxation, Health and Happiness

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      Spa or wellness center is a place where you can improve your health, relax and escape the rat race and other stresses of everyday life. Spa experts apply numerous methods and tools to re-energize your body and soul. One of the most popular treatments nowadays is lithotherapy. Lithotherapy implies the usage of different minerals and crystals including shungite for physical, psychological and spiritual healing.



      Due to its unique therapeutic properties, powerful vibrations and energy shungite is the perfect solution for lithotherapy. This mineral is widely applied in spa and wellness centers all over the world in a variety of treatments such as massages, meditation, skincare remedies and so on. Let’s have a look at all of them in more details.


Shungite for massage



      One of the trendy shungite spa routines is stone massage. This therapy implies placing flat heated or chilled stones at the key points of the body, most commonly the neck, spine, chest and stomach. Sometimes rocks are also moved around the body and used as massage tools.


      Thanks to shungite’s properties, smooth and flat surface, this mineral is suitable both for hot and cold stone massages. While the hot shungite massage reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain, helps to treat arthritis and boosts immune system, the cold one relieves muscles tension and eases inflammation. In general, shungite stones massage gives you a sense of connection and security and has an overall powerful impact on your body and soul.



      Shungite for meditation


      Apart from stone massage shungite is widely used in spa and wellness centers for meditation. Meditation with shungite restores and maintains the energetic balance of your body, clears the mind, relieves stress and anxiety. During the meditation shungite brings into your life the positive energy it has been accumulating for more than 2 billion years and improves the functioning of all internal systems of your body. Besides, shungite clears and charges the Root chakra that is linked to the earth, stability, safety and everything what is supposed to be solid (family, marriage, beliefs).



      The best shungite items for meditation are shungite harmonizers and merkabas. Although there is no right or wrong way to meditate, the best solution is to hold shungite items in hands or place them on your body while meditating. Shungite meditation is extremely popular nowadays at spa and wellness centers since it helps people to relax their body and mind, feel the energy of shungite and connection with it. During the meditation shungite items shield you from all negative influence, help to concentrate on your feelings and manifest your goals. Thanks to shungite you will feel comfortable, safe and happy.  


Shungite rooms


      Moreover, nowadays many spa and health centers around the world create shungite rooms to give their clients an opportunity to experience all the unique properties of shungite at once. Shungite room is not only the way of comprehensive EMF protection, but also your chance for fast recovery and more efficient treatment. Shungite walls generate waves that have positive impact mobilizing all internal processes in human’s body. Therefore, if spa remedies are conducted in a shungite room, their efficiency and overall value increase.


Shungite cosmetics


      Shungite cosmetics are currently gaining popularity as well. In spa and wellness centers it is used mainly for skincare remedies and as an adjuvant for physical therapy. Thanks to its anti-aging, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects shungite cosmetics counter visible signs of premature aging, make your skin smoother and firmer, and heal acnes, inflammation, rashes and some other dermatologic problems.


      Besides, spa experts actively use shungite gels, cream-balms and other shungite therapeutic products to treat cuts, soft tissue injuries, bruises, and even closed fractures since shungite reduces pain, improves blood circulation, and speeds up the tissue recovery. 



  Shungite water


      What is more, some spa and wellness centers offer their clients to relax in shungite bath or try a cup of herbal tea brewed with crystal shungite water. Shungite has been proven to be efficient filtrating instrument mineralizing water and enduing it with therapeutic properties. While internal usage of shungite water will treat concrete diseases ranging from common colds and gastritis to asthma and diabetes, shungite bath will help you to relax, restore pH balance of your skin and fill you with energy.


      Thus, as you may see, shungite can be considered as a must have mineral for spa and wellness experts. Due its numerous unique properties shungite energizes your body, mind and soul bringing you a moment of relaxation, health and happiness. 


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10/10/2019, 04:32:01 AM

I never heard of this massage unless you mean hot rocks? I rather a hands on massage like deep tissue and Thai. They are the best and I recommend them! ❤

Karelian Heritage:
11/10/2019, 10:13:24 AM

Dear Melissa, thank you for your comment. We appreciate you sharing your experience! Try using shungite for your favorite types of massage, we are sure you will enjoy it. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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