Root Chakra Balancing: Shungite Energy for Spiritual Development

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      Do you use the healing power of shungite in full? Being the stone with unique vibrational energy shungite is widely known as chakra healing stone. Read this article to find the best tips on how to activate the chakras with shungite to stay strong, balanced and stabilized. 





      Shungite as any other stone has its unique energy and vibration. It is the stone of Yin-energy associating with earth, grounding and safety. It is a stone of protection dealing with the lower part of our energetic body and repelling negative energy of any kind. On the ground of it, reiki masters consider shungite as powerful root chakra healing stone.


      Root chakra or Muladhara is known as our “survival center”. It is located at the base of the spine representing the first stage of spiritual development. Root chakra is connected with the safety, security and other basic needs of the individual. If Muladhara is balanced you have a solid foundation to build your life on. Otherwise, if root chakra is blocked you will face a number of problems including anxiety, panic attacks, troubles with making decisions, lack of confidence and so on. Physical symptoms of imbalanced root chakra include weight gain (or loss), lower back pain, issues with legs and feet. Since Muladhara is the first stage of the chakras’ ladder only when it is in balance you are able to work on other chakras. Therefore, it is extremely important to activate the power of this energy center and healing crystals are there for you. 


      Shungite alongside with black tourmaline, onyx, hematite and some other stones is considered to be root chakra healing stone. Both shungite and root chakra itself are associated with the earth element. They have similar vibrations and that’s the reason for shungite’s power when it comes to root chakra balancing. This stone protects from the negativity of the outside world, its positive energy accumulated for centuries increases confidence and brings the sense of comfort. It creates favorable environment for root chakra activation and further personal development.


      Reiki masters claim that to use the energy of healing stones for chakra balancing you just need to keep charged crystal as close to the affected chakra as possible. Thus, to activate root chakra you may put small shungite stone in the pocket for it to be in proximity to the base of the spine. Shungite jewelry especially bracelets and rings will also help you to incorporate healing energy of this root chakra stone into your daily life. Besides, you can place shungite pyramid or small elite shungite nugget on your desk or in any other places where you need to feel secure and concentrated. Another option to use shungite power for opening up root chakra is to practice stone massage. During this therapy heated or chilled shungite stones will be placed at the energy spots of the body, most commonly on neck and spine near the base chakra.



      Apart from abovementioned healing rituals, most common way to balance Muladhara chakra is meditation with shungite harmonizers or just shungite stones in your hands. Meditation will let you to experience grounding potential of this stone in its full extent. Here are our simple instructions: Find a quiet space, sit with eyes closed and legs uncrossed holding shungite comfortably in your hands. Relax your body and mind, focus on your feelings and visualize your intentions. Your shungite stones are listening. Sit quietly with chakra stones in hands as long as you need, then open your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel yourself grounded and connected with the Earth.


      If you don’t have enough time for meditation in your daily routine, you may keep root chakra balance by speaking affirmations with your shungite crystals. This ritual can be done at any time of the day. You just need to hold shungite stone in hand when you’re saying affirmations aloud. The stone will accumulate the energy and keep your intention with you throughout the day that will help you to stay strong and balanced.


      Although shungite is considered as root chakra stone, you should remember that all seven chakras are interconnected and influence each other. Root chakra is the center where energy flows are initially raised. Therefore, shungite will help you not only to open up Muladhara, but also to achieve harmony and balance in the remaining six chakras. 

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Karen Marullo:
03/03/2020, 01:07:53 PM, I have no website

My man was given a shiny silver colored stone today and we've been searching the web as to it's name. After reading and comparing various pics on your website, we are both sure this is a shungite. I am so excited to find my root chakra with our stone. Thank you so very much for all the great information. Karen & Ray

Karelian Heritage:
03/03/2020, 04:42:27 PM

Dear Karen, thank you for your comment. To make sure that the stone is real shungite you can test its authenticity following our guide: We hope you will enjoy using shungite! Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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