Secrets of Healing Shungite Bath

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      Nothing is more relaxing and beneficial for health than warm bath…except a relaxing shungite healing bath.


       Water is by far the most healing element in the world. It cleans our body and lifts our spirit. Bathing is one of the ways to take the advantage of water’s healing power. Soaking in warm water promotes relaxation, gives comfort and pleasure and has a number of therapeutic effects. To make bath-time truly luxurious and enhance the healing effect the majority of people prefer to add sea salt, herbs, rose petals or essential oils into the water. Try to take your bathing to another level by adding shungite water chips. healing-shungite-bath-how-to-make-it


      Shungite healing bath is another great way to experience the ultimate relaxation in the tub and improve your health. How does it work? Shungite stones are widely used for making healing energized water both for internal and external usage. Shungite water is pure and has optimal micro-mineral balance. It takes over curative power and properties of shungite. Therefore, shungite bath has a number of benefits:




      Soaking in shungite water (if it’s hot enough) cleans out toxins through sweating and removes impurities from the skin by clogging the pores. Shungite stones’ therapeutic properties encourage the body to flush out all the waste efficiently. It improves our immune system and enhances the body’s ability to minimize the exposure to toxins.


Calming effect:


      Shungite healing bath is the surest way to relax at the end of the long day. It helps to relieve stress, exhaustion and fatigue relaxing the whole body. Soaking in shungite water encourages deep muscles relaxation, reduces tension and eases migraine headaches caused by the stress. In a word, shungite soothing energy makes shungite bath a real treat for your body and soul washing all your pains and worries away.


Health benefits:


      Detox and calming effects of shungite healing bath improve your overall health. Reliving the stress and easing headaches it treats sleeping disorders and mood swings. Besides, it stimulates blood circulation, activates metabolism and provides pain relief especially in case of arthritis, pains in joints and muscles. Besides, shungite water bathing is a pleasant way to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu regulating your body’s temperature.


Beauty boost:


     Powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties of shungite stones make shungite bath valuable for your skin. Opening clogged pores shungite water purifies the skin, moisturizes it and fills with minerals. It encourages tissues’ regeneration, cures acne, inflammations and other skin-related problems. Taking hot shungite bath once a week improves skin elasticity and makes it firmer.


Spiritual development:


      Shungite water may be charged with healing intentions enhancing the positive impact of bathing. Relaxing shungite bath clears the mind taking all the worries away and makes you feel whole again. Fill the room with your favorite fragrances and turn soft music on while taking a shungite bath to increase the grounding energy and calming vibrations of shungite crystals infusing in water.


      If you’d like to experience all these benefits of shungite healing bath, follow our simple instructions to energize your body, mind and soul.   

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