Shungite for massage & spa

Shungite for massage & spa

      Shungite items are widely used for stone massage. This therapy implies placing flat heated or chilled stones at the key points of the body, most commonly the neck, spine, chest and stomach. Sometimes rocks are also moved around the body. Best shungite massage tools include shungite massage stones, sticks and pencils.

       Thanks to shungite’s properties, smooth and flat surface, this mineral is suitable both for hot and cold stone massages. While the hot shungite massage reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain, helps to treat arthritis and boosts immune system, the cold one relieves muscles tension and eases inflammation. In general, shungite stones massage gives you a sense of connection and security and has an overall powerful impact on your body and soul. Learn more about shungite stone massage benefits in our simple guide here

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Polished shungite massage stone

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Non-polished shungite massage stone

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Polished shungite massage stick pencil with a sharp end

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