Top 10 Best-Selling Shungite Items of 2018

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    shungite-engraved-pendant-for-protection  So 2018 is out of the door and it is up to us to tell you about the year results. We appreciate all the support and love you show us and hope that our goods make your live better and more comfortable.  That’s why we decided to make this list of top 10 best-selling items of 2018. If you look forward to expanding your shungite healing collection, or you are a newcomer to the magical world of shungite, it could be useful for you to learn about the most popular and helpful items we can offer. So, without further ado, here they are:


        10. Elite shungite stud earrings. We always love to brag about our elite shungite. IT IS the most effective way to shield you from EMF and seeing how the earrings protect the most vital organ of the human body from 2 sides, is it any wonder this item is so popular? Of course, their simple and exquisite look, the fact that they are easy to wear and that they suit almost everyone also helps a lot.


      9. Shungite pendant “Flower of life”. The various traditional symbols from around the world always fascinate us. The Flower of life is connected to the essence of life and overlapping lifecycles. It also represents the interconnected relationships between people around us and is believed to have great influence over them. As a pendant, it is situated close to the chest, one of the most important areas of our body.  Shungite pendants often have stimulating effects over the Heart Chakra, along with the usual stimulation of Root Chakra and shield your chest area from negative effects.


      8. Polished shungite phone sticker. Yeah, so the topic of EMF protection is definitely on people’s minds.  And we are glad that people become more and more aware of the problem of EMF and care about shielding from it. Especially since our everyday gadgets emit so much electro-magnetic radiation. These shungite phone stickers are very effective in diminishing the amount of radiation from our phones and tablets, and you can see, that people enjoy their protective shungite. handmade-shungite-crystal-bracelet


      7. Elite shungite macramé bracelet. Now there is a number of very stylish solutions for incorporating the powerful properties of elite shungite into your life, and that is definitely one of the most popular. Our craftsmen do their best in weaving these bracelets, so you could get the goods of the highest quality. The wrist is one of the most important energy hubs in our body and wearing elite shungite bracelet is one of the most effective ways of ensuring healthy energy flow through your body.


      6. Shungite bracelet with round 8 mm beads on elastic band. Again, bracelets are very important for your body, the second entry of a bracelet in this list is proving that. This one practically engulfs your wrist with shungite, guaranteeing comprehensive protection for this crucial energy hub. More than that, this bracelet has this magnetic polished dark black look that quickly attracts the eye and outlines your personal style. shungite-harmonizers-for-meditation


      5.  Polished shungite healing rods (shungite and soapstone/talkohlorit). This set proved to be popular among people due to the fact that it is very useful for meditations and grounding. The Cylinders are comfortable to hold in your hand to enjoy the properties of the mineral on the move or around your home. The duality of minerals balances the overall flow of energy and evens out the influence of two poles. 


      4. Elite shungite water stones. So the water purification property of shungite also makes the list. Of course, the elite shungite is much more effective in this area than regular shungite, so it is more popular among our clients. We try to bring more and more awareness about the decontamination of water and we see a lot of satisfied customers who acknowledge the positive changes in their health and nutrition after trying to use shungite for water cleansing. And we are happy to oblige.


      3. Basic EMF Protection and Root Chakra Balancing Shungite Set. This set consists of a bracelet, a pendant and one elite shungite stone. We always recommend starting your shungite experience from sets like this one, since we carefully study all of our shungite items to select the ones which will be the most receptive and accessible for new users.  And this particular set gets the bronze in this year top 10 list exactly for that reason: it’s simple, it’s basic yet very comprehensive and covers a lot of features we love to enjoy in shungite.


     2. Shungite pyramids wholesale set. As you can see for yourself, the theme of symbolism runs deep through a number of our products and the item on the second place of our top 10 is also guilty of that. Pyramids are one of the most popular products for a reason. They represent so much in terms of human history, culture and craftsmanship, as well as bears deep sacral meaning. Besides, it is a very exquisite decoration for any household, coupled by magnetic black color of shungite. authentic-elite-shungite-pendant


      1. Elite shungite pendant. And the winner is…the combination of a lot of things, actually. We just love to boast about our elite shungite stones and a lot about them was said in this article alone. So we have an elite shungite stone which is also a pendant, so it covers the vital area of a person’s chest. It can simultaneously protect you from EMF and negative influences and balance your Heart and Root Chakras, stabilizing energy flow around and within you. Basically, it is Julius Caesar of all items. With these comprehensive abilities, is it really any wonder this is the most popular product of 2018?


      So, there you have it, the best-selling shungite products of the year. We hope this list helped you to select the next item in your shopping cart so you would be able to get even deeper in the magical world of shungite. Buy shungite now and enjoy all of its great properties with your family and friends!

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