How to Use Shungite Harmonizers

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   Shungite harmonizers are known as the best shungite items for meditation and spiritual healing. These healing shungite rods help to maintain the balance of energy flows, normalize all the proccesses in human body and achieve harmony. 


   Pairs of harmonizers are usually made of two different stones symbolizing two opposite energy poles. In case of shungite (the Yin-harmonizer) stimulating lower part of our energetic body, the opposite stone is tullikivi (the Yang - harmonizer) balancing the upper part. 


   Shungite harmonizers not only balance the bio field and activate the Chakras they also have powerful therapeutic effect and improve the functioning of different systems of our body. 


   People using shungite harmonizers efficiently on a regular basis claim that their overall productivity, learning capacity and concentration have increased. They feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.


   If you would like to get the benefits of shungite harmonizers by yourself check our colorful infographic to know how to use them correctly to keep your body and soul in harmony.











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