Start Your Collection or Check If You Don’t Have The Essentials: Shungite Must-Have Items Of 2019

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        Shungite welcomes everyone into its arms to grant its wonderful healing and protective properties, but its large array of various products might seem overwhelming for newcomers. If you wish to have comprehensive shungite experience you should try different items with different purposes. Today we present you our list of shungite must-have items, which will help you to achieve that. Even if you are already a shungite enthusiast you still might be curious about what you can add to your shungite collection and this list will aid you in that.


        1. Elite shungite stud earrings. This is an especially important item for admirers of shungite jewelry. Elite shungite is famous for being the purest and the most effective type of shungite when it comes to healing and protection. And these shungite stud earring function to help the most important organ of our body – our brain. Elite shungite will make sure that your mental health is protected from stress, anxiety and fatigue as well as keep your face fresh and your due to its rejuvenating property.


        2. Shungite amulet against unwanted energies. This elite shungite pendant also protects an essential part of your body, your heart. The powerful properties of shungite give this shungite pendant EMF protection capability, so you will be successfully shielded from a dangerous radiation that flows around you all the time, as well as from other negative influences, such as negative energy.


        3. Shungite pendant “Flower of life”. Adding sacred symbols to already powerful spiritual stone only enhances its properties. Flower of life is a symbol that is responsible for various links, connections and relationships in our life, so thanks to it, this shungite pendant is able to improve our interpersonal relationships, our connection to the Earth and the nature, which enhances our awareness and presence, as well as our connection to divine. As the symbol also is connected to life cycles, it improves the energy flows in and out of our body.


        4. Shungite pyramids for complete EMF protection. Pyramid can also be called a sacrificial symbol, as if held great importance in spiritual beliefs of Ancient Egypt. Because of its shape, it can be a perfect conduit of energy, seizing it from a large area with its broad lower part and directing it through its tip to you. Also, because of its large action radius shungite pyramid is a great EMF shield and shungite’s properties make sure that the area around you is well-filtered of negative influences.


        5. Polished shungite phone sticker. Using an EMF blocker for phone is also essential if you live in the 21st century. You should use shungite for cell phone when you actively using it or if it’s just laying around – it generates harmful EMF and 5G radiation all the time today. That is why there is shungite sticker for phone, which will successfully diminish the amount of EMF that your phone emits and receives, thus reducing the risk of future diseases caused by EMF.


        6. Shungite bracelet for balance between body, mind and spirit. We have already covered two important hubs of a human body, which are the brain and the heart, but they are not the only ones. Wrists are very important for energy flows inside your body, and shungite is a great tool of making sure these flows are positive ones. Real shungite bracelet will also have a tremendous effect on your blood flow and on your cardiovascular system is general.


        7. Elite shungite macramé bracelet. The same goes twice for elite shungite bracelet. You can just remember that elite shungite is always twice as effective as regular shungite and has twice as much action radius. And elite shungite macramé bracelet is a magnificent handcrafted jewelry piece that will look awesome on everyone.


        8. Shungite stones for water purification. Shungite water purification is well known today and we know about countless benefits of using your shungite stones for water cleansing. You can successfully filter out a huge amount of toxic and radioactive elements from your drinking water, positively change water pH level, enrich your water with positive elements with shungite stones for water. Also shungite water possesses antioxidant capabilities and greatly influence your health.


        9. Polished shungite healing rods. Shungite harmonizers are a perfect means to enhance your spiritual journeys with meditations and yoga. Shungite cylinders (technically, one of them is made of soapstone) bring balance to your energy and chakras through manipulating your feminine nature (through shungite) and masculine nature (through soapstone) similar to yin and yang.


        10. Shungite healing set for wellbeing. That is as comprehensive and simple at the same time as you can get.  This set is perfect for your everyday shungite protection, as it consists of an elite shungite nugget that you can carry around in your pocket, shungite bracelet and simple shungite pendant. The action radius of these items will effectively shield you from negative influences around you and make wonders for your health.


        So this is our list. We hope it will help you to experience shungite firsthand in all of its glory. Purchase shungite products to bring the magical healing and protection of the North into your life!

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