No Evil Eye Will Hurt You! Shungite Against Unwanted Energy

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        We are used now to think that shungite is mostly a stone for physical healing and protection, since there is a lot of data on its chemical composition and its effects. Ways in which shungite can heal various ailments are evident if you look at countless personal experiences with this magnificent stone – and we see it all in stories of our clients who are happy to share them with us. The same goes for physical protection from harmful radioactive waves such as electro-magnetic fields (or EMF) – the studies on shungite show that it is an effective tool for that kind of protect. But what if we want to go beyond the physical realm into a spiritual or a metaphysical plane? Is there a chance that you can be protected from the unwanted energy that lurk around there?


I never asked for this kind of energy


        The modern world is a constant threat to us, especially with this moody and aggressive culture we have today. The main sources of negative energy are of course people around us – even the most mundane communication mat consist of fear, anger, frustration, hatred and other negative feelings which pile up inside of us in a form of negative energy and without any release will slowly eat us from within. Even the most positive of us can sometimes let this in, however that is not so dangerous as other forms of unwanted energy around us. Much larger threats are specific people, who are often called energy vampires.


        Energy vampires work similarly as their Transylvanian namesakes, only instead of blood they are feeding on your energy. Usually these are the people who can be called “toxic”, manipulative people who always act only according to their own agenda with no regard for other people. They will take the best from you and leave you drained, broken and helpless. The best way to deal with that kind of people is of course to simply avoid them. And as we have stated above, your everyday communication, even if it is at times sour, shouldn’t have a large damaging effect on you. Unless someone in your close circle is an energy vampire. That is a very difficult situation to go through, but with enough protection and a correct approach it is definitely possible to overcome that.


        There are, of course, many more sources of unwanted energy. Geopathic zones, which are manifested with time on hubs of negative energy, may impact your life negatively every day without you knowing it. If you notice that in some places around your house you feel much worse that may be a sign that this is a geopathic zone. Another factor that we should single out in creating unwanted energy is the spiritual wisdom and traditions of people of the Earth. Just as we are using shungite to influence our mind and spirit positively, some people may use different techniques and practices in an opposite way. Evil eyes, dark magic and so many more legends explore this kind of negative energy and there are a lot of amulets and talismans if you want to protect yourself.


Ultimate protection


        Protection from the negative unwanted energy is a great ordeal especially if you understand that you cannot simply avoid it, for example if an energy vampire is someone very close to you or if you are living on a geopathic zone and cannot change place of living. That is when tools of protection come into play and we advise you to use shungite for protection. With shungite products’ great variety you can find something for every need. You can carry shungite with you daily to protect you constantly from unwanted energy, this can be achieved with small shungite stones (including elite shungite nuggets), shungite jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings and shungite pendants. With shungite action radius, it will form a strong protective aura around you and keep you safe.


        Another method of shungite protection would be shielding your household with shungite items. In this you should rely on larger decorative shungite items – shungite pyramids, spheres, cubes, figurines, etc. Also, you can use shungite tile in your home decoration. All of this will successfully nullify the harmful effects of geopathic zones and other unwanted energies.


        With shungite you can feel protected and safe everywhere you go. No negative energy in the world will stick to you and positive energy flows will dominate your everyday life. Purchase shungite and bring positivity and protection into your life!

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