Calculate the Amount of Shungite You Need for Protection with Shungite Action Radius!

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        We always talk about protecting your household with shungite. You can place shungite pyramids, spheres, cubes, figurines, etc. around your house and it will successfully shield it from negative influences in the environment, such as electro-magnetic fields (or EMF). But what if you don’t want to oversaturate your home with shungite products and feel comfortable with one or two around, you might ask yourself: what is its action radius so I could cover more territory with less shungite items? Well, here we are today to answer that.



When size actually matters


        First of all, we would like to tell what we consider to be a standard when it comes to shungite action radius. If you take a shungite piece which size is from 30x30 mm to 50x50 mm (1,18x1,18-1,96x1,96 inches) then it will cover 1-3 meters of space (1,09-3,28 yards). Size of shungite piece (it can be pyramid, cube, sphere, tumbled stones, etc.) directly influences its action radius, thus 60-80 mm (2,36x3,14 inches) piece will have 4-7 meter coverage (4,37-7,65 yards), 90-100 mm (3,54-3,93 inches) – 8-10 meters (8,74-10,93 yards) of space and large 150-250 mm (5,9-9,84 inches) shungite items can cover from 15 to 25 meters (16,4-27,34 yards). Simple enough, right? Based on that alone you can calculate how much shungite you need to completely protect your household. However, there is more to it than simple figures.


Peculiar irregularities


        There are still some points to be made when shungite action radius transcends these standard figures and behaves differently. First of all, elite shungite doesn’t really fit into the standard scheme. As it is known, elite shungite is the most effective type of shungite when it comes to healing and protection, so you can be sure that you will get twice as much of an action radius with the same size of the stone if you have elite shungite (opposed to regular shungite). Following this logic, you can safely replace two regular shungite stones with one elite shungite stone of the same size and you will keep the same shungite action in your house. But remember to maintain elite/regular shungite size and quantity ratio at around 1:2, so 4-5 regular shungite stones are always better than one elite shungite nugget.


        And always, the more the merrier. Several shungite items, which you can find in our protection sets, will be perfect for a small apartment and larger advanced sets will successfully cover a house or larger apartments. If you don’t feel like having a lot of shungite items lying around, you can always use elite shungite, for example medium and large nuggets, to minimize the amount of shungite items you will need to secure your home. All of this will work its best to shield you from EMF, 5G radiation and any other negative influences and unwanted energies which lurk around your household.  


Applying protective energy


        As every shungite item has an action radius, different shungite products will provide you with shungite protective properties equally, even if you use them in different ways. For example, if you want to enjoy shungite personal protection on the move, you can simply carry a shungite stone around with you and its action radius will be enough for you to shield you from negative influences. The same goes for shungite jewelry, and with it you don’t have to worry that you have a rock in a pocket yet it will be a stylish addition to your personal look.


        A large range of shungite goods can contribute to your household protection. These items, such as shungite pyramids, spheres, cubes, figurines, shungite tile, etc., will naturally fit any interior with its calming deep black color. However, if you are looking for wide comprehensive protection you can take it up a notch and include shungite in your daily exercises and meditation. This way you can power up your protection for a day and also manifest your intentions with the spiritual power of shungite.


        So now as you know more about shungite action radius, you can calculate your shungite protection carefully without overdoing it, both with personal and household protection. Purchase shungite and bring some of that natural protection into your life!

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13/07/2020, 04:12:09 PM

Hi! What would I need a for small bedroom ?

Karelian Heritage:
15/07/2020, 10:03:49 AM

Dear Amanda, thank you for your comment. The amount of shungite you need depends on the size of the room. For example, a 10 square meters bedroom would require a 100 mm shungite pyramid. In the article, you can find a picture that shows the action radius of shungite items of different sizes. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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