Shungite regular pendants

Shungite regular pendants

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Minimalist shungite protective pendant for men

Shungite natural stone protective pendant for men  MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: triangleMaterial:&..


Protective shungite stone pendant

Highly protective shungite stone pendant MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: rectangular Material: polished re..


Shungite merkaba pendant

Shungite stone merkaba pendant for personal protection MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: merkaba Made of p..


Flat Rectangular Shungite Pendant EMF Protection

Rectangular EMF protection shungite pendant from RussiaMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: flat rectangularMater..


Protective shungite crystal amulet -30%

Protective shungite crystal amulet

Real shungite crystal pendant for daily protection! MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: Irregular Size..

$3.98 $2.80

Shungite polished black pendant

Elegant shungite polished pendant Doughnut for personal protection on a daily basis MATERIAL AND SI..


Tumbled Shungite Pendant for EMF Protection

Tumbled Shungite Pendant against EMF and geopathic stress influenceMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: irregular..


Protective shungite stone amulet

Protective shungite stone amuletMATERIAL AND SIZEMade of polished regular shungite Size: 50*3..


Shungite pendant "Big Circle"

Shungite round pendant for chakra   MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: round Made of polished re..


Shungite pendant "Crescent"

Shungite pendant for EMF protection MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: crescent Made of polished regular sh..


Shungite pendant "Cut Oval"

Shungite pendant for jewelry admirers  MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: cut oval Made of polish..


Shungite EMF protection pendant

Authentic shungite stone pendant for EMF protection on a daily basis MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: doub..


Shungite pendant "Drop Trapeze"

Authentic shungite pendant for EMF protection MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: drop trapeze Made of poli..


Elegant shungite female protective pendant

Shungite pendant for women's protection from negative influence of the outside world MATERIAL AND ..


Shungite pendant "Heart"

EMF protection Shungite pendant "Heart" MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: heartMade of polished regular shun..