Shungite regular pendants

Shungite regular pendants

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Minimalist shungite protective pendant for men -30%

Minimalist shungite protective pendant for men

Shungite natural stone protective pendant for men  MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: triangleMaterial:&..

$3.98 $2.80

Protective shungite stone pendant -30%

Protective shungite stone pendant

Highly protective shungite stone pendant MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: rectangular Material: polished re..

$4.26 $3.00

Shungite merkaba pendant

Shungite stone merkaba pendant for personal protection MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: merkaba Made of p..


Flat Rectangular Shungite Pendant EMF Protection

Rectangular EMF protection shungite pendant from RussiaMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: flat rectangularMater..


Protective shungite crystal amulet -30%

Protective shungite crystal amulet

Real shungite crystal pendant for daily protection! MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: Irregular Size..

$3.98 $2.80

Tumbled Shungite Pendant for EMF Protection

Tumbled Shungite Pendant against EMF and geopathic stress influenceMATERIAL AND SIZEShape: irregular..


Protective shungite stone amulet

Protective shungite stone amuletMATERIAL AND SIZEMade of polished regular shungite Size: 50*3..


Shungite pendant "Big Circle"

Shungite round pendant for chakra   MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: round Made of polished re..


Shungite pendant "Crescent"

Shungite pendant for EMF protection MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: crescent Made of polished regular sh..


Shungite pendant "Cut Oval"

Shungite pendant for jewelry admirers  MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: cut oval Made of polish..


Shungite EMF protection pendant

Authentic shungite stone pendant for EMF protection on a daily basis MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: doub..


Shungite pendant "Drop Trapeze"

Authentic shungite pendant for EMF protection MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: drop trapeze Made of poli..


Elegant shungite female protective pendant -30%

Elegant shungite female protective pendant

Shungite pendant for women's protection from negative influence of the outside world MATERIAL AND ..

$3.98 $2.80

Shungite pendant "Heart"

EMF protection Shungite pendant "Heart" MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: heartMade of polished regular shun..


Shungite pendant "Hexagon"

Shungite chakra  pendant "Hexagon" MATERIAL AND SIZEShape: hexagonMade of polished regula..