Pillars of Crystal Protection: 6 Crystals for Comprehensive Everyday Protection

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        If you are looking forward to plunging deep into crystal healing, you should keep in mind that healing is not the only benefit that crystals can provide you. The other essential property of healing crystals is its protective ability. The dangers of the modern world make personal protection a real necessity because of all the negative influences and unwanted energies lurking around, especially electromagnetic fields (EMF) as well as 5G radiation with millimeter waves (MMW). All of this is emitted by gadgets that we use every day, such as our phone, laptop, tablet, TV, microwave, etc. If we are left unprotected to these influences, it can heavily affect our physical state and mood. Crystals will be a perfect remedy to this problem, and today, we are going to look at specific crystals that will shield you from harm.

  1. Shungite. Shungite has proven time and time again that it is one of the most powerful protective crystals (technically, it is a rock), and we have lots of feedback from our clients to prove that. Shungite is widely seen as a universal tool of drastically diminishing the amount of harmful EMF and 5G radiation around you. The large array of shungite products will allow you to create a personal approach to your protection. First of all, you can apply personal protection with shungite stones, both regular and elite shungite, that you can carry in your pocket everywhere you go or wear shungite jewelry (such as shungite bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings), which will be both beneficial for your physical, mental and spiritual state and exquisitely beautiful. Secondly, you can implement household protection with countless shungite home decorations, such as shungite cubes, spheres, pyramids, figurines, tiles, and so on. Also, you can shield yourself from EMF that is coming from your gadgets directly with shungite phone stickers that you can apply to anything. Shungite is also very influential over your mental state and energy and always has a positive effect on your mood, ambitions, determination, intentions, and awareness, so it will effectively protect you from a large mass of unwanted energies in your environment.
  2. Amethyst. This beautiful crystal has been seen from the dawn of civilization as the protector from bad influences. That is why the Ancient Greeks have named it “not intoxicated”, referring to the fact that it would protect its owner from alcoholism and a temptation to drink. As time went by, it became a talisman against any negative influences – negative energy, addictions, diseases, and bad company. It is also considered to be a transformation crystal that will not only protect and shield you from said influences but will put them to good use, changing them into positive ones. Physically, it prevents such nuisances as headaches, migraines, stress, depressions and nightmares. 
  3. Smoky quartz. Quartz is widely known as the crystal of grounding and balance, and even though there is a large number of its variation, smoky quartz stands out thanks to its mysterious nature. Quarts can also be a powerful tool against EMF or any other radiation, like MMW. Its grounding properties contribute to diminishing the amount of negative energy in your energy flows and shield your Chakra system from malfunctions. Just as well, it is an excellent means to fight your temptations and improve self-discipline, stability, and determination. Personal protection with smoky quartz can prevent heavy sunburns, ultraviolet, and roentgen irradiation.
  4. Labradorite. Labradorite is another important stone for the transformation of negative energy and protection of your energy and Chakra systems. It is beneficial in shielding yourself from bad choices and decisions in life, providing you with healthy and stable consciousness. Thanks to that, it also protects you from lies, illusions, manipulations, gaslighting, and being used or controlled. Another critical factor in the work of labradorite is its ability to strengthen your mental health, this time protecting from irrational fears, distrusts, and insecurities. It calms and soothes you, shielding you from impulsive behavior and overreaction.
  5. Obsidian. A universal stone that can provide you with a large number of positive results, even though its primary goal is to show you the truth about life and how to live it through. When it comes to protection, obsidian can create a protective aura around you that will be responsible for keeping the negative things out – negative thoughts, deeds, energy, people, events, etc. While you are inside this aura, the crystal will do its best to cleanse your being with positive transformation. In the end, you will be clean of negative energy stress, tension, confusion, you will enjoy clear mind, and stability. All of that will make sure that you are full of curiosity about all that is new and ready to do great things.
  6. Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a primary tool in fighting negative emotions, especially if their source an outside one. It successfully blocks any negativity that is so eager to contaminate you, instead promoting numerous positive emotions, like love, sympathy, compassion and empathy. It is a means to improve creativity, so it will be perfect in shielding yourself from writer’s block and creative burnout. It can also prevent you from falling under negative addictions, suicidal thoughts, obsessions and compulsive behavior.

        These are the crystals that can create the wall of armor around you and make your everyday life so much healthier, happier, and more energetic. Purchase crystals for protection and make sure that there is nothing negative in your everyday life!



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