Serve and Protect: How to Shield Your Household Correctly with Shungite?

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        On the path of crystal healing and protection with shungite there may come a moment, when you realize, that you should care not only about personal protection, but also about protection of your close ones, your family and pets. That is when there emerges a decision to secure your precious household with various shungite items which may be useful in situations like that. And our home is naturally our sanctuary, a place, where we can feel very sensitive and vulnerable, completing our daily rituals. So, the question arises: is it safe to keep such a powerful force of nature as shungite stone everywhere in our home or is it better to spread shungite items around the household in a very specific way so they wouldn’t affect us negatively. And what are the benefits of choosing specific spots in your home for shungite layout.


Is shungite too intense for my home?


        First of all, it is important to establish that the power of crystals has a personal approach and isn’t universal. So when you hear stuff like “shungite is too intense for bedrooms” you should keep in mind that there are literally only 3 types of this magnificent rock in the nature and there are 7 billion of people in the world, each with their own preferences, health and sensitivity. So the core of this issue lies not in whether shungite is too powerful for us yet whether we are too sensitive to its effects. Some people will say that they are perfectly comfortable with shungite by their side 24-7, while other will argue that they can grow tiresome of its power. So again, it is all strictly personal and should be experienced firsthand through trial and error. If you feel that the power of shungite hits you hard during sleep or other vulnerable times, it is definitely for the better to move your shungite items to other parts of your household, however if you are not so sensitive to it, shungite’s properties will enrich your life every day in variety of ways.


Should I build a fortress around my house?


        Secondly, people ask us whether they should place shungite items in each corner of a room in order to protect it. If you feel like it, sure, there is nothing stopping you. However, keep in mind that shungite items don’t form a “wall of protection”, rather each piece of shungite has a range around it where its properties are at their peak. So if you don’t want to oversaturate your home environment with the effects of shungite, you can place few items in places which you find suitable, both spiritually or by some decorative standarts and that would be enough. Remember that range of a shungite item depends on its size, this way smaller items are at their best in smaller spaces, such as bathroom, while bigger ones are more suitable for larger living spaces.


To each room its own


        Effects of placing shungite in different premises around the house can vary drastically. Since we define various intentions for each room in our home, these intentions, coupled with our subconscious affirmations, in turn define shungite properties which will be predominant in different rooms. So we will try to be brief and tell you what are the benefits of placing shungite in various rooms around your house.




        As we have stated before, shungite’s power may be too much for sensitive people, however if you are totally comfortable with shungite during your sleep, the benefits of this power are through the roof. Shungite’s protection properties shield your thoughts and dreams from negative influences during the time of sleep, enhancing your mood for a following day and preventing nightmares from happening. For these effects it is better to place shungite near your head, either under the pillow if it is not to pointy or at a nightstand near your bedhead.




        We are what we eat – this ancient proverb couldn’t be more true in the modern day since there is so much food on the market and large chunk of it is not healthy and can affect our life in long term, yet this unhealthy food is so tasty and tempting that often we cannot set our minds straight towards healthy nutritious diets. That is why it is important to set the correct environment in the kitchen and with correct intentions shungite is able to influence our mindset towards healthy lifestyle. Another important aspect of keeping shungite in our kitchens is to protect our food from negative elements and influences. Special shungite plates will also enrich food with healthy minerals and keep it fresh longer. Preferable spots for placing shungite items in the kitchen are a refrigerator for food protection and dining table for personal protection during meals.


Living room


        Living room is usually a place where we relax after a hard day and feed our minds with our hobbies and favorite activities. To get the best for our minds we should maintain calm, relaxing and healthy environment. Otherwise, we can fail in achieving something new or even in simply having a good time. Shielding ourselves from negativity of the outside world with shungite is a perfect way for swimming in our own thoughts during quiet evening. Rest and restoration are important properties of shungite and they will make it easier to traverse through hard work days and overcome daily routine.




        When we are talking about being vulnerable in our own home, bathroom is the first place that comes to mind. During bath time we are completely unprotected to the outside threats, as with washing off all the dirt we also wash off our own protective field which needs some time to recharge and so we are in dire need of comprehensive protection. Of course, the safest way would be to decorate your bathroom with shungite tiles (and it looks awesome too), but if you are not ready for this radical step, placing powerful shungite items such as elite shungite stones on your furniture will be a great source of restoration and protection.


        Don’t forget that outside of all this shungite also protects your physical body from electro-magnetic fields (or EMF), so placing shungite pieces near your electrical devices will reduce their harmful influence. Another important feature of shungite household protection is that it doesn’t protect only you personally, but also your close ones, especially children. So rely on your decorative taste and these simple tips and purchase a great variety of shungite items to achieve harmony and protection of your household!

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