Love, Stones And Crystals: Crystal Rituals For Love

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      Love is a cornerstone of our daily lives, whether we are searching for it, looking to improve and protect on the existing one or trying to find self-love. However, sometimes, we need something to help us in our searches. We, of course, being crystal lovers and enthusiasts, know that our favorite crystals can show us a way to find love. Today we are going to tell you about crystals that you can use to attract different kinds of love and the most important crystal rituals for that.


Love and crystals


      Let’s start with crystals themselves. As you know, there are hundreds of crystals on our planet which can help us in crystal healing and spiritual development. So when we start our new journey towards our goals, the question always arises: What crystals should we use for that particular goal. As we have established today that our intention is love and affection, we have selected five crystals which are the most helpful when it comes to dealing with love.



  1. Rose Quartz


      Maybe the main question when it comes to love is: “How do I find it?The most famous crystal in this regard is Rose Quartz, which was used for centuries with this question in mind. Its main focus is transforming your life energy into energy of love.  Rose quartz helps you to better understand your own emotions towards other people, which might show you a correct direction. Then, it helps you to address these emotions, sort of gives you energy and courage to confront a person you have feelings for and say those needed words of love. In the end, rose quartz attracts love itself and grants you new experiences, emotions and adventures.  The affirmation you’ll need to keep in mind while dealing with rose quartz is “I am pure love. My life is filled with more love than I could have ever imagined.



  1. Aventurine


      If you have already found love, you expect it to stay. However, there are many threats that can endanger your relationships, things like stress, tension, failure to communicate and a whole plethora of other inside and outside issues. We trust Aventurine to bring peace and love back into your relationships or keep it stable if everything is normal. Aventurine provides both you and your partner with confidence and assurance in the future. Another of its properties is the ability to bring awareness and understanding. With aventurine, you will see your place in life more clearly and will see, why you need your partner so badly. It also gives you new opportunities and the capability to explore something new about each other and your relationships. The affirmation for aventurine is “I come from a place of love”.



  1. Chrysocolla


      The great problem, when it comes to love, is that we can eventually lose it. Different people experience it in a different way, but it almost always leaves a mark, and broken heart often leads to depression. We advise Chrysocolla to deal with this issue. It is used specifically to face hard challenges and overcome traumatic experiences. It soothes your overwhelming emotions and brings you peace. Moreover, Chrysocolla eliminates fear, anxiety and other negative feelings. Through all that, you can find a way to find reconciliation with your partner and resolve all conflicts. In the end, you will be able either to bring your love back or let go of the past altogether. The affirmation for working with Chrysocolla is “I welcome all phases of my life with understanding, love and joy.”



  1. Moonstone


      As years go by, we start to notice, that maybe we have lost some important people on the way. Some of those people could have possibly become our love interests or even more. So when a need emerges to reconnect with them, that may become problematic. Moonstone is the stone which will always help in these situations. As its name comes from the Moon, it too can light up our path to the goal. Moonstone eliminates fear of dealing with people from our past. It is closely connected to the feminine energy and nature, so you will be filled with emotions, intuition and perception, which are integral to interpersonal relations. The affirmation for moonstone is “I am attracting loving relationships that are for my highest and best good”.



  1. Shungite


      Finally, for some people the most important love is self-love. The ability to accept yourself just the way you are and embrace everything you love with no remorse doesn’t come cheap and is a hard thing to master. Shungite is the most helpful when it comes to promoting self-love. It eases our minds, stabilizes our energy and protects us from the negative outside influences. And those influences are usually the ones that sow seeds of doubt in us. With shungite you will learn to love yourself, and with this ability all other kinds of love will flow into your life. Shungite affirmation is “I respect the sacredness of myself”.


Rituals of love


      Once you have acquired some of these crystals, you can start performing crystal rituals for love with them. All of the rituals are fairly simple and quick, so you can easily incorporate them in your everyday life.

  1. One of the most effective ways to influence love vibes is through stimulating your Heart Chakra, the most important hub of love energy. What you should do is, before going to bed every night, hold the crystal you have chosen near your heart for 10-15 minutes. Shut your eyes and visualize what you want to achieve with your crystal ritual, for example the person you have feelings for and repeat the affirmation that is connected with this crystal. Rose Quartz and Aventurine are the most effective crystals when it comes to Heart Chakra, so these crystals would be our choice.
  2. For self-love, take a piece of shungite and stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself, and think about what you love the most about yourself – it can be both a physical feature and a personal skill or talent. Repeat what you love about yourself in your mind for 5 minutes every day and it will sure give you confidence and plenty of seeds to grow your self-love.
  3. Another simple daily ritual is carrying crystals with you at all times. Once you have defined your intention, whether its finding love, strengthening your current relationships or finding self-love, pick a crystal which is connected to it and put it in your pocket, wallet or a purse. You can also touch them from time to time, especially if you feel depressed or tense This way the energy of this crystal will be present around you at all times and that will increase your chances at reaching your goal.
  4. You can also incorporate a deep thoughtful meditation in your life. Pick a day of the week, when you are the least busy (weekends are the best, of course), and devote 15-20 minutes of your time each week to crystal meditation. What you need to do is to take a crystal that works best for your intention in your hand, sit on a floor comfortably (preferably on a mat), close your eyes and work towards your intention. Visualize your goal and repeat an affirmation, and your stream of thoughts will explain a lot about your current state, your emotions and feeling, with which you can reassess your goals and possibilities.
  5. To attract love from someone particular, you can place a crystal on his/her photo. If you wish to build self-love, put your crystal on your own photo. The energy of crystals connects all living things and flows of positive and loving energy will travel between you to and establish a link and a rapport which will be beneficial for your interactions.
  6. The most effective way to amass the love energy of crystals and use it towards your goal is to create a crystal grid combining all five crystals for love attraction. As your intentions are set for love, you should pick a visual pattern, which you feel will help you. Then lay down your crystals on important spots on your pattern, for example on intersections or corners, starting with a larger centerpiece. Shungite point will be just a thing for that. After the centerpiece, proceed with other crystals, laying them clockwise. When your crystal grid is ready, you need to activate it by touching every crystal with the centerpiece. After that, keep it at home in some relevant spot to amass the love energy on meditate on it just like with the usual meditation.

Those are the simplest crystal rituals that you can perform on a regular basis to attract love. Make sure you combine them to achieve more success in your love life. Purchase crystals and bring love that you miss into your life!

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