EMF 101: Everything You Need to Know

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        We love to stress pretty often that shungite is a great means of EMF protection, yet some people know little to nothing about it even after years of hearing about it. Thus, words like “harm of EMF” or “danger of EMF” can just slip through without our attention. But if you are curious what is EMF, how it works and why are we so obsessed about shielding ourselves from it with shungite properties, then this article is definitely for you. Today we are going to go deep into the world of EMF and tell you all about it.



It’s in the name

        EMF is an abbreviation which means “electromagnetic field” and it is exactly that: it is an area (“field”) of radiation in the frequency of electromagnetic waves. This kind of radiation is produced by every electric gadget and device through the currents of electrons in the electric wires. As the electricity flows through these wires, snippets of its energy slip through the wire and contaminate the environment around it with electromagnetic radiation, hence creating and electromagnetic field, which, as you understand by now, we usually call EMF. Scientist who study EMF closely measure it in microteslas or in Volts per meter with specific devices called EMF meters.

        Yet EMF, of course, is much more complex than that. It actually can be separated into two distinct parts: electric fields and magnetic fields. Naturally, both of them inflict radiation on everything around it, however, there are some differences about them. For example, if electric fields are present around an electric device all the time if it is plugged in, magnetic fields can appear only when electric current is circulating in the electric chain, so an electric device should not only be plugged in but also turned on. Yet, for example, if you live near massive power lines, you will be always exposed to heavy magnetic fields, as electric current is always circulating in them. Another huge difference between electric and magnetic radiation is that electric fields are easily blocked by walls and other obstacles, while magnetic fields easily pierce through them just as they pierce through human bodies.


Where it comes from?

        EMF itself can be very different, for example there are high-frequency EMFs which are part of ionizing radiation and can directly damage DNA, inflicting damage to our bodies. Yet we don’t normally face high-frequency EMF in our everyday life, like x-rays or gamma rays. What we do face almost every second of our lives are low- and mid-frequency EMFs, which are a part of non-ionizing radiation. They can be found in static electricity, power lines, electric appliances, radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation and even visible light.

        If you wish to know what kind of things in your home make you exposed to EMF, we will sum them up for you really quick. First of all, it’s your environment itself, since we are always subjected to the Earth’s magnetic field, then it’s the power lines outside of your window, your shaver, your hair-dryer, all kinds of heating devices, all communication devices like cellphones, smartphones, cordless phones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, radio receivers, TV antennas, satellite antennas, microwaves, all screens, whether it is a TV or a computer and all electric or gas meters. These are the major sources of EMF at your home with the most radiation output, however that doesn’t mean that every other electric appliance is safe, just that results may vary from device to device, yet usually EMF is the strongest right beside electric devices.


What about my health?

        Naturally, it is much easier to see the effects of ionizing high-frequency EMF on a human body, as there is a direct damage and we’ve seen its devastating results after some radiation-connected disasters in human history, yet the effects of everyday EMF are very unclear, however, a lot of scientists suspect that low- and mid-frequency non-ionizing EMF can also bring great harm to a human organism. For example, the National Cancer Institute suggests, that EMFs reduce the amount of melatonin in our bodies and melatonin is a great help in stopping tumor development. And even though there is no sufficient data that indicates direct harm of EMF, scientists state that even this alteration from the normal course can prove disastrous, because of enormous presence of EMF in our lives. 

        Some studies have shown that the percentage of children who have leukemia is higher among those who live near power lines or that there is a higher risk of getting cancer if you work in heavy EMF or radiofrequency exposure. The International Agency for Research on Cancer considers EMF to be “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, especially in connection to children leukemia. So, basically, this is how it goes: EMF still isn’t considered to be a major threat to human lives, yet there are a lot of controversial studies that indicate a threat of EMF and that there is a risk of overexposure. And since the amount of EMF around us is so huge, we should always be prepared to face it.



Shield yourself

        Thus, we need to take a look at some tools that may cover us from the ever-present harm of EMF. We, being crystal and mineral lovers, always try to look in the direction of natural means which can be beneficial for us. Well, lucky us, there was always a natural EMF shield right around the corner, here in Republic of Karelia in Russia, our home region. It turned out that for more than 60 years now the Karelian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences was researching this magnificent stone – shungite. Thanks to its unique fullerene structure, shungite proved time and time again that it can be an effective EMF blocker and shield people from its harmful influence

        What’s more, it is also an exquisitely beautiful stone, so EMF protection has never looked so beautiful. With shungite, you can enjoy personal protection by carrying stones or wearing shungite jewelry or shield your household from EMF with shungite decorative items, such as shungite pyramids, spheres, cubes, figurines or shungite tiles. Its magnetic deep black color will be a perfect addition to any outfit or interior. Purchase shungite and shield yourself from the danger of EMF and 5G radiation with only the natural products of the North!



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