Make Your Own Healthy Home with Shungite

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      We always try to find new ways to improve your life with the magnificent properties of shungite stone. And what better way to do this than through improving your household. If you are in the middle of redecorating or just moved in a new house and searching for beautiful and healthy solutions for your new living space shungite can be of a great help. So today we are going to look on the benefits of using shungite in renovation, and how to use shungite in your household decoration.


Benefits of shungite


      The main thing shungite brings to the table is the protection of your home. Your home is your sanctuary, place where you go for rest, nutrition and where you can truly be yourself without any conventionalities. So you should upkeep this atmosphere by all possible means and shungite can be a way towards calm and secure environment in your household. Basically, shungite has the ability to block negative waves and influences in the air and filter the toxins. The most dangerous of all the phenomena in the air are the electro-magnetic fields (or EMF) that are produced by our electrical devices and can have disastrous long-term effects on our health. Using shungite paint or tiles can greatly diminish the damage of EMF so that you can use your gadgets and home electronics with ease. And the unique atomic structure of shungite called fullerenes is a natural filter and will keep the air inside your walls clean of negative elements and toxins.


      Apart from that, shungite is an effective health booster, both regarding physical and mental health. Being in shungite environment improves the functioning of your body systems and your mood. Shungite’s properties let you use your rest time to the greatest effect, get you rid of nightmares at night and overall promotes great sleep patterns.


Shungite paint


      Being of magnetic deep black color, shungite is a perfect material for wall coating. If black color is part of your vision for your home then shungite paste based on shungite powder is a suitable solution for you. To create shungite paint you should mix shungite powder with water approximately 1:2. The result will be creamy mass, that you can use as paste or paint and it will become solid when it dries. Make sure that your paste is uniform without clots or other irregularities, as it will damage your work if left unchecked.  


      After making shungite paste, distribute it evenly on the surface you wish to paint and let it dry. The results depend on your abilities of a repairman and your artistic interests. Use different strokes to create magnificent patterns of shungite paint on your walls. In order to achieve the color and the consistency you need apply several layers of shungite paste after the previous layer is completely dry. If you have trouble with shungite paste staying in solid form on the wall you can mix it with regular wall paint, but again make sure that it is mixed evenly.


      Shungite paint can also be used for decorating smaller pieces of interior and it is also a conductive paint, so it can be used in that way. The evenly spread paint will ensure comprehensive protection of your household for years to come.


Shungite tile


      Another popular product that you can use while renovating your household is shungite tile. It has all the properties of regular shungite and with its exquisite look is perfect for bathroom or kitchen. You can put it either on the floor or the walls to guarantee the protection of the premises where you are most vulnerable – during hygienic procedures and consuming food.


      The process of applying the shungite tile on the surface is not different from applying any other tile. However, you can add shungite paste to the grout in order to double the positive effects from shungite tile, as well achieve the same color. It will secure your bathroom or kitchen or any other place you’ll choose from the negative effects of EMF, toxins and geopathic zones.


      More than that, you can use pieces of shungite tile as stands in your interior. Use them as small plates for your phone or connect pieces of tile to make large stands for bigger devices and you will diminish the amount of radiation that they produce.


      As you see, the possibilities on how you can make your household with shungite paint and shungite tile are limitless and your imagination and taste will bring you great options for your comfort. Purchase shungite powder and tile and liven up yourself and people around you.

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