A Guide to Healing Stone Massage with Shungite

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      For some people massage is a vital procedure for a healthy lifestyle and for everyone it is a simple and quick practice to prevent various illnesses and increase longevity. Of course, humanity knows hundreds of different styles and techniques of massage, with different emphases and effectiveness. We are mostly interested in stone massage, so today we will tell you all about the efficiency of stone massage and why it is important to use our favorite shungite stones to achieve great results.


What is the Stone massage? 


      Stone massage, which is kind of obvious from its name, is a form of massage which utilizes hot or cold stones as the major tool for massage. Smooth stones are applied to the person’s skin with strokes, circular movement, vibration or tapping. This technique, of course, has some distinguishing features from other forms of massage. First of all, applying heavier objects has greater effect on the cardiovascular system, which in turn promotes restoration and rejuvenation of your body. Secondly, just as much stones have greater effect on your muscles, aiding in their rest and recuperation, cleansing your muscles from toxins. Thirdly, the smooth and flat stones mentally help you to wash away stress conditions and relax your brain. Stone massage is beneficial for bringing inner peace and promotes spiritual health.


       Basically, the mass of the stones improves any effect regular massage can have. You can say, the stones do all the heavy lifting in the hands of skilled masseur. Moreover, as any stone has its own healing and spiritual properties and these properties add up to the already healing nature of massage.


Types of stone massage shungite-stone-massage-healing-crystal-therapy


      Usually, stone massage is divided into two general types: cold stone massage and hot stone massage.


      Cold stone massage is famous for having cooling and relaxing effect. The stones are most effective in the first 17 seconds, after that the heat of your body starts to heat the stones, yet because the stones are only cooled and not frozen, the massage is not harmful for your skin (unlike ice massage). This cooling effect helps battle inflammations and damaged tissue, as well as releases stress, among the general benefits of stone massage.


      In the hot stone massage, stones are heated to 130-145 °F (54-62 °C) and it is more widespread type of tone massage. The warmth of the stones is used to reduce muscle pains or tension, it is also perfect for releasing stress and anxiety. Among the proved effects of the hot stone massage are treating sleep deprivation, diseases of immune system and reducing cancer risk.


      You can always use the combination of these types to balance the temperature and be sure to consult your doctors for any side-effects of stone massage you may have.


Why shungite?


      As was mentioned above, any stone has its own healing and spiritual properties and these properties add up to the already healing nature of massage. That is why  shungite with its unique crystal healing properties is a perfect choice for stone massage. Properties of shungite bring some extra effects to the stone massage, releasing stress and anxiety, easing the pain, and spiritually balancing chakras through direct application to necessary body areas. Regular massages with shungite stones will improve your clarity and awareness, just as filtering and transforming negative energy inside of you.


We offer a number of shungite items specifically for massage purposes.


  • Polished shungite massage stone. With its smooth and flat surface, this mineral is suitable both for hot and cold stone massages. Thanks to its mass and voluminous size it is perfect for muscle restoration, especially on the back.
  • Shungite energy stone for stone massage. This stone is non-polished and brings more tactual feeling during massage, increasing blood circulation and releasing stress.  Again, due to its mass and size it is perfect for back massage.
  • Shungite massage and meditation sticks set. These massage sticks are great for limb massage due to its comfortable form. The non-polished shungite and its thin form are a perfect match for pleasant tactual feelings during massage.
  • Non-polished shungite massage stone. These tumbled shungite stones are compact for a masseur palm, which makes them a comfortable tool for any type of stone massage. Each stone is in unique shape so you will always get an unique massage experience.
  • Polished shungite massage stick pencil with a sharp end.This unique massage tool is made for you to experience not only an unforgettable massage experience with a skilled masseur, but also for easy self-massage. It is compact, comfortable and simple in use, and its sharp end makes for an unique massage practices.


      Feel free to shop around to find shungite massage items which are more suitable for you. Experience stone massage like never before with shungite massage stones, sticks and pencils. Enjoy stone massage for healthier and energetic lifestyle with magical properties of shungite!

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