The Second Life of Shungite Water Stones: Don’t Just Throw Them Away!

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        There comes a time in every living process, when the functionality of the subject diminishes to a minimum and we must decide what to do with it. The same can be said about healing crystals which we use regularly to acquire all the powerful effects and properties they possess. With extensive use and over some time, these properties weaken and crystals become just what they appear to be. This is also true about our favorite rock – shungite, especially if you use it for water cleansing. It takes shungite’s best qualities to filter water and transform contaminated water into drinkable one, so it doesn’t take very long to drain shungite stone dry. However, don’t hurry to write the stone off so quickly once its power burns out. Our advice for you is to change your shungite water stones every half a year, yet don’t throw them away they are done with water purification. There are plenty ways how you can use them after that and today we are going to look at some of them.


Help your plant life


        Shungite is a great source of healing and nutrition and is used heavily in agriculture. This may be just what your home plants need, as placing shungite stones near your plants can stimulate their growth and battle negative influences and ailments. Let alone the fact, that shungite’s shape makes it perfect drainage, especially if you have small unshaped stones, which will line up in your plant pot. Shungite’s magnificent deep black color is also amazing for your landscape design, so just let your imagination do the job and you will get the most beautiful home garden you wish.


Personal protection


        Even if your stone’s water filtering days are finished, its protection properties are still awake within it. That is especially true when we talk about elite shungite stones. They hold immense power within them and are great in shielding yourself from such negative effects of the environment as electro-magnetic fields (or EMF). After they are done with water cleansing, this property’s effects are not affected.  You can still carry these stones around and be sure that you well-protected on a daily basis. Again, especially this is perfect for smaller stones, but this time it works more with tumbled ones, which are comfortable to carry around and hold in your hand.



Handmade jewelry


        If you are fond of smaller water stones and wish to bring them second life after they cannot give their properties to the water, you can always let your imagination create countless jewelry items. Shungite bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings – you can have it all. All you have to do is to get jewelry supplies, like studs, elastic bands, chains, locks, hooks, etc., and glue if you need it. Of course, for bracelets and necklaces (if it is not macramé bracelets and necklaces) you will need to make holes in your stones, so you will need help from professional, but we are sure it is not so hard to find these days. With rings and earrings, you just have to glue a small stone to a base. Precision, neatness and whole lot of practice will give you truly magnificent jewelry pieces to enjoy every day. Don’t forget, that you can always combine shungite with other minerals and crystals to bring even more properties to the table.


Interior decoration


        If your shungite water filtering is on a large scale, you probably have a lot of stones in your collection or just lying around. The beauty of shungite is that it is too wonderful to not use at home. It can be small crafts displaying nature with wooden branches, leaves and shungite stones, or some larger installations of your choice.  If you have a lot of shungite gravel left, you can use if to decorate walls with layer of these stones. The same can be done with small tumbled stones, but if you will want to do that, it is better to consult professionals on how to implement it. Magnetic deep black color of shungite will reinvigorate your household with new energy and appeal and apart from that, with make the sanctity of your home secured and purified.


        As you see, the life of shungite never ends. Even after you think it is done, shungite will always find a way to surprise you and bring you its best effects and properties. Don’t think there is ever a time to throw shungite away, just use your imagination and remember the ways how shungite help. We hope these small tips will give you some ideas for future shungite application. Purchase shungite water stones and get the best of Karelian nature!

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