The Necessity of Crystal Healing Courses: Karelian Heritage Editorial

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KH-Editorial-Pavel-Kuznetsov        So, this year isn’t a lot of fun, especially if you are still on your self-isolation, even though I hope, just like every last person on the Earth, that this coronavirus pandemic will end soon and we all be happy to return to our usual activities and lifestyle. However, if you spend much of your time locked up indoors and bored out of your mind between your work sessions and attempts to keep your home in perfect shape, you may take this time to a topic that I hope you are interested in, since you’ve found my silly notes in a bottomless sea of the internet. I am of course talking about crystal healing, and it is actually a very topical area, as crystal healing can become a great aid in these stressful times.


        Yet today I am not going to talk about what crystal healing is, what properties it brings to the table or what abilities certain crystals have, I am pretty sure that you are well aware of that if you follow our blog and already are a vivid shungite enthusiast. Today I am going to answer a specific question that I am asked pretty often, quite frankly. The question is about entering this vast world of crystal healing and it goes a little something like this: do I need to take crystal healing training and courses to appreciate and enjoy everyday crystal healing?


        Well, I’ll tell you my answer in a couple of minutes, but first, let’s delve down into what these crystal healing courses are and take a look at what they can give you. Usually the goals of these courses are to give you an understanding of how crystals work, how they can heal you, how to choose and use crystals, maybe learn about Chakras and how to work with them and so on. But, most importantly, they provide you with a certificate or a diploma that indicates that you underwent a crystal healing and, in some cases, are a crystal healer too now. And, of course, you will get all of that for a considerable fee.


        So I want to explain if you really need those courses top-to-bottom. If your aim is to get a crystal healing diploma, so you could work as a crystal healer yourself then yes, you most probably have to finish crystal healing courses. In the world of healing, whether it is traditional or alternative medicine, everyone needs some papers to conduct their healing, and I’m pretty sure that none of you want to have any troubles with the police or other supervisors over the legality of your work. Better safe than sorry, so make sure that you have all the documentation in order before you start your work in the field of crystal healing.


        And now we need to take a step down and understand the necessity of crystal healing courses and certificates for simple knowledge and enjoyment. You see, in crystal healing there are no correct or incorrect approaches and in the end the truth is that crystal healing is not an exact science, and everyone’s experience with crystal healing is unique and based on their own perception and intentions. And when these “crystal healing trainers” start to force you with their own understanding and vision of crystal healing you can simply lose that personal connection that you have with crystals and their properties.


        Yes, these courses can present you with a vast knowledge of crystals and crystal healing, however, this knowledge can be found elsewhere and for free. Take a look, for example, at our blog: me and our staff try our best to fill it with various articles and notes on crystal healing and shungite healing and add something new every week. And we are not unique, there are plenty more crystal healing adepts in the internet who can answer any question you can have regarding crystals, and they will be unbiased and won’t have an aim to get your money.


        You should always remember that your personality is in the center of your crystal healing process. You define where it is going and how it is going to unfold. And when you start your crystal healing journey, it is the most important thing to define what you wish to achieve with it and what your overall goals in life are. After that, you should build your crystal healing around that, using crystals that suit your goals, intentions and desires the best and conducting rituals that will complement your lifestyle. And no one can tell you that except yourself. There is no “crystal healing trainer” in the world who would have a better understanding of what you what and need than you.


        So, all in all my idea is that with the help of what we can find online today we ourselves can become the best crystal healing trainers for ourselves and shape our future crystal healing in any way we like. As for myself, I found the best healer for me in shungite a long time ago and became interested in crystal healing so I could tell these little stories to you today from my own experience and with no strings attached. So please do tell in the comments, how did you start your crystal healing journey and is our blog helpful to you in any possible way. Stay tuned and I’ll see you next month!


Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heirtage editor



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