Karelian Heritage Editorial: How I Made My Home a Better Place with the Help of Shungite

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      So, winter is finally out of the gates, even though it was hardly winter at all. And I talk from experience, after all, I’ve spent nearly 30 previous winters here in Karelia, and this time I didn’t even have to put my warmest clothes on (that’s the one that is even warmer than regular parkas and fur shoes). Instead of usual extreme cold and snow blizzards this year we’ve got wet, mud, rains and occasional snow that felt like manna and a breath of fresh air. In Russia!


      So yeah, nobody is really happy with this winter and it actually feels like it hit people more than usual. Lack of sun (I don’t know what it’s like where you are from, but we had like 15 sunny days since November), the feeling of dullness from constant rain and heavy wind, that is all a perfect recipe for post-winter depression, sullen mood and decline in general health.


      That’s why I am really happy that I enjoy constant crystal healing with shungite. As I’ve spent most of my time indoors during that moody season, I’ve made sure that I enjoy the most out of shungite healing and protection while I’m at home. Maybe that is why I am greeting this spring in more upbeat condition than everyone else. So I’ve decided to tell you how I organize my shungite routine and what I believe is the correct way to use shungite for home protection and healing. You can use these advices all year long and shungite will give you a great boost in health, both physical and mental, mood and energy.


      Let’s start with the kitchen, where I usually start my daily activities with a healthy breakfast and a large cup of coffee (yeah, we all have our sins). First thing you should remember – replace your regular drinking water with shungite water altogether. I did it long time ago and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it even earlier. With shungite water I have no trouble going about my day without experiencing heavy stress and fatigue. It greatly improved my digestion and slowed down aging processes. And it is so easy to make, just put shungite stones (I mostly use elite shungite) into your drinking water reservoir and voila! Don’t forget to charge your shungite every two weeks and you will enjoy cleansed, energized and healthy shungite water all the time.


      Another shungite item I found to be useful in the kitchen is shungite tile. Surprisingly enough, it turned out to be a perfect thing to store my food on, mostly fresh natural food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. And I feel that I get more input from this food now, since it receives a whole plethora of positive elements which are part of shungite. Also, I’ve noticed that with shungite tiles my food stays fresh longer than usual, after all, shungite does have a reinvigorating and rejuvenating properties.


      Now, let’s move to the bathroom, another important location in my morning routine. My hygiene routine has gone through a number of changes since shungite had appeared in my life. And the biggest one is once again connected with water. Well, there is just so much of it in the bathroom, I couldn’t resist. But yep, nowadays I take a bath with shungite water. I simply put elite shungite stones while my bathtub is being filled with water (much more stones, of course, than I need for drinking water) and results are truly astounding. I’ve never felt more fresh than after a shungite bath, and it also helped me with some skin conditions in the past.


      I’ve also replaced all of my cosmetic products with ones made of shungite. Shampoos, creams, scrubs, soap – the array of shungite cosmetic products is truly overwhelming. Usually these products combine the healing power of shungite and various natural products of the North, like berries and herbs. I use products for hair, skin, foot and hand care and I’m pretty sure that shungite cosmetics can replace even really complicated make up routines.


      When I’m finished with my hygiene routine and decide that today I’m not going to the office I go to my study to work for the day. And during work I need to keep focus and to be filled with energy to avert fatigue and exhaustion. I also need to be protected from all the negative influences and unwanted energies which are floating around me. This is especially true about EMF (that is electromagnetic fields to all the newcomers), which is emitted by all the electronic devices around us, and my study is filled with them. My smartphone and laptop are, of course, main offenders here, so I need to shield myself from their harmful waves. The best thing to use against phone’s EMF for me is shungite phone stand, which successfully diminishes the amount of EMF. And it looks pretty cool on my desk too. However, to set an overall EMF-free environment in my study I keep a shungite cube on my desk. I found it to be the most effective item when it comes to EMF shielding, probably because its large walls spread shungite power in all directions at once.


      After work I like to relax at my living room indulging myself in my various quiet hobbies like reading or enjoying a movie. This part of the day is crucial for me as it gives me a chance to relax completely to be able to start the next day full of energy. That is why I keep shungite pyramid nearby in my living room, as it is the best means to balance energy. With its large base shungite pyramid is able to gather and store energy, while its tip is able to distribute this energy when you most need it. A perfect thing for a calm relaxing evening, and it also protects me from EMF, which I’m sure I need while my TV is working.


      Another thing that I have in my living room which gives me protection, energy and healing is a crystal grid I’ve made a while back. It is a very powerful tool, and to make it you need to take a serious approach to it. In order to create a working crystal grid, first of all, you need to define your intention for it. I chose protection as my intention and then picked crystals which have protective properties: shungite as a centerpiece, jasper, amethyst and smoky quartz. Then, you need to pick a pattern for a crystal grid that you feel connected to. I picked the Flower of life, as its idea of cyclical nature of life really resonates with me. After that everything is simple: you need to lay down crystals in your pattern, starting with a centerpiece in the middle, and then activate your grid by touching every crystal with a centerpiece. That is how I did it and now I enjoy shungite protection every evening while I chill in my living room.


      Finally, at night, I, just like everyone else, go to sleep. I need to make sure that my sleep is an effective one, that I am protected from all the negative influences, surrounded by positive energy. I don’t need my next day to be all screwed up just because I had a bad dream or I didn’t rest enough. That is why I have a large elite shungite stone on my nightstand, which grants me its powerful properties all night long. Also, sometimes, in case I have very important event the next day, I put a tumbled shungite stone under my pillow. It actually helps me to fall asleep faster without any worry and anxiety and I have the best and calmest sleep when I do it. And because the stone is tumbled you will never feel it being there. Great stuff!


      That is how I implemented shungite healing and protection at my house and it has been great experience. Tell me in the comment how you like to apply shungite at your home and how far you are in the process of creating your own shungite environment at your household. Can’t wait to see how my favorite shungite makes someone else’s life better and I’ll see you next month!


Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heritage editor


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