Improving Your Diet: How to Eat with Benefits of Shungite

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      The healing power of shungite should be known to you by now and you might wonder how you can use this magical stone to its full effects and want to try something new. That is why we get asked all the time by our clients whether it is possible to actually consume shungite itself in some way, for example to use shungite powder as a supplement in smoothies or any other way. Seems legit, right? If it is so healthy to consume shungite water and spend time around shungite and its coverage zone, then eating shungite must be healthy too, right? So, do we recommend eating shungite in any form?


Eating shungite


      No, we certainly don’t. Solid objects, even in a form of powder, can actually be damaging to your intestines. Eating shungite is basically like eating glass and you definitely don’t want to experience that at any point of your life. If you have tried eating shungite already and feel some sort of internal pain it is best to consult a doctor.


      Shungite, however, indeed does possess an ability to greatly influence your digestive system positively. Maybe that is where all these questions come from. Despite the impossibility of consuming shungite, there are a number of alternatives with which you can activate the shungite properties that will have an impact on your digestion and overall health.



Shungite water





      The easiest way to get the positive output from shungite right into your system is through shungite water. The water cleaned with shungite stones has all the positive elements and properties that shungite can give you, including phosphorus, vanadium, cobalt, copper, zinc, calcium, etc. Shungite enriches water with bioactive nutritious elements to give you the healthiest product. Getting shungite water is also incredibly simple, you just need to put shungite stones in water and wait for two days. You should use 50-70 grams (0,11-0,15 lbs) of elite shungite stones or 150-200 grams (0,33 – 0,44 lbs) of regular shungite stones for one liter of water. After two days it will be ready for consuming.


      Aside from plain drinking shungite water, it is highly beneficial for your health to use it in cooking. You can boil anything in it, stew with it, use it in multicookers, make cocktails and drinks with it, and basically replace regular water with it on all fronts. This will enrich your food and neutralize any negative and toxic elements it can have. Any diet you can choose, shungite water will improve them all.


Shungite dishes


      Another way to give your food all the positive effects of shungite is to let them have direct contact. And where shungite cubes, pyramids and spheres prove to be uncomfortable, other shungite items may come into play. First of all, you can use pieces of shungite tile as shungite plates for your food.  You can store fruits and vegetables on these plates to save their freshness and extra vigor. For some meals that don’t require deep plates, you can use them while eating. This will give your meal positive elements which are associated with shungite while fullerenes in shungite will filter all the toxins. 


      Yet shungite tile was only a start and now we can see other dishes arriving in our store. You can find shungite cups that will be beneficial for your drinks or small liquid meals like cereals or oats with milk. However if this trend of shungite dishes will prove to be popular with our clients, we might add some new products, like proper shungite plates, glasses of different sizes and who knows, maybe even cutlery. It is up to you to make eating with shungite a brand new trend!


      As you see, there are plenty of ways of consuming the positive effects of shungite which are not damaging for your body in any way. Lead a healthy diet and use shungite water or acquire shungite dishes to fully experience the positive works of this magical stone. It is the goal of shungite to keep you healthy and fresh every day of your life!

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10/07/2019, 04:56:12 AM

Can shunghite capsules be ingested ? Shunghite One offers capsules.I was told yes and best to be taken with coconut oil Thanks Estela

Karelian Heritage:
09/08/2019, 04:15:14 PM

Dear Estela, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we cannot tell if you can ingest shungite capsules. We do not offer such a product, please contact the support of the website you found capsules on. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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