Shungite Powder: Something for Everyone

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      Shungite powder has proven to be one of the most commonly used and multipurpose shungite products. It is widely applied almost in all spheres of our life ranging from agriculture and construction to healthcare and beauty industry. Let’s clear up what shungite powder is, what properties it has and what benefits it can bring into your life.


What is shungite powder?



      Shungite powder or shungite sand is a shungite of fine fraction crushed with the special equipment. Currently on the market, you can find several fraction sizes of shungite powder. It is possible to mill shungite stones even into micron fraction. However, the most common sizes of shungite powder are 1-3 and 3-5 mm. These fraction sizes are more easy to produce and handle and suitable for almost any occasion. 



Top areas of usage



      Shungite powder has all the same unique protective and curative properties as shungite itself. This is exactly what define such a wide range of its use.


      Primarily, shungite powder is used to create shungite paste, which may then be applied for a number of purposes. To make shungite paste you need to mix shungite sand with water at the ratio of 1:2 and thoroughly blend until the paste gets creamy.


Construction & decoration


       Thanks to its deep and attractive black color shungite paste is considered to be a stylish coating material and is widely used for decoration. Over the recent years, black color has become an integral part of interior design. Therefore, shungite powder can help you to create a stunning design with elegant black painted walls or some small black accents. Besides, in terms of construction shungite powder is also used to create conductive paint, mortars and plasters. 


      At the same time shungite powder is not just a means of decoration. If walls in you room are coated with shungite paste or paint you are fully protected from electromagnetic radiation. As you may know, regardless its form, shungite absorbs up to 98% of electromagnetic waves and brings the negative influence of EMF, both natural and artificial, close to zero. On this point shungite powder has a great advantage in comparison with shungite tiles or bricks. If shungite doesn’t fit in well with the interior of your apartment you can just hide it underneath the wallpaper or parquet. In a word, shungite powder is an efficient and highly decorative way of your comprehensive protection.


Healthcare & beauty industry


      Apart from construction, shungite powder, mainly, in the form of paste, is widely used in beauty industry and healthcare. Shungite powder has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and is recommended in case of acnes, inflammation, redness, rashes and some other dermatologic problems. Besides, since shungite improves metabolism and blood circulation, nourishes and regenerates tissues and has analgetic and calming effect, shungite powder is applied to treat osteochondrosis, radiculitis, sprains, strains and so on.


      All shungite beauty and healthcare products are based on shungite powder. Besides, to repair your skin and other health problems you can make a shungite paste and apply it evenly to the problem area. Cover it with soft cloth and leave for 1-2 hours. Then wash it off thoroughly with warm running water or using cotton wool pad and olive oil. Also cosmetologists recommend adding shungite powder to your ordinary face or hand cream. Apply this mixture to dry and clean skin and rub it gently. Then whisk the cream off with the tissue. It enhances overall anti-aging effect and nutritional value of beauty products.


      Moreover, numerous healing properties of shungite let use shungite powder as a filler of body pads. They help to reduce pain, and speed up the tissue recovery and other internal processes. Shungite-based body pads are believed to be an efficient adjuvant for physical therapy and treatment of soft tissue injuries, bruises, sprains, closed fractures and some other diseases.



Water purification


      Another major sphere of using shungite powder is water purification. Shungite sand is a widely spread filler for filters’ cartridges, under-sink water filters and more sophisticated filtration systems. The common feature of all these filters is that contaminated water passes through shungite powder at a high pressure and all polluting elements remain behind. Thus, shungite powder is your access to crystal clear water.




      What is more, nowadays shungite of fine fraction is comprehensively used in agriculture, mainly, as a fertilizer. Shungite powder mixed with other organic fertilizers accelerates plants’ growth, regulates temperature and humidity conditions, stabilizes mineral composition of the soil and increases its fertility by 40%. In a word, if you are a passionate gardener or farmer and want to ensure rich and sustainable harvest maintaining the highest quality of soil shungite powder is a perfect solution for you.


Other spheres


      Speaking briefly about some other benefits of shungite powder, it is necessary to mention that it is applied in industry to produce ferroalloys, silica carbides, nitrides, and such polymer materials as, for example, fluoropolymer.


       On top of everything, the popularity of shungite powder is currently on the rise due to the growing popularity of so-called orgone or orgonite items. Orgonite is the mixture of minerals, crystals, essential oils and other materials and it combines positive properties of all elements it contains. Orgonite items are believed to be a perfect tool for meditation and chakra balancing, emotional and spiritual healing.


      All in all, as you may see shungite powder is applied almost in all spheres of our life. Due to its multifaceted nature it seems to be truly must have shungite item. With shungite powder, everyone will be able to satisfy his own demands. 


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