Karelian Heritage Editorial: How I Enjoy Shungite Water Every Day

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        Happy New Year to all the shungite enthusiasts and crystal lovers around the world (I hope it’s not too late)! We hope that new year will bring plenty of great things into your life, of course, with the help of our favorite shungite and crystals in general. However, the topic of crystals and New Year is not something that I want to talk about today (even though I’m pretty sure it’s a fascinating topic and you can find something about it in our blog). Today I’m going to talk about something that you don’t see much in Karelia this time of year – water.


        Yeah, Lake Onega is trapped under ice, rains have turned into snowstorms, even your tears turn into icicles if you spend too much time outside, the only glimpses of water we get to see outside are two small rivers here in Petrozavodsk – Lososinka and Neglinka, which have open spots here and there. Of course, being a modern city, we have no shortages of running and drinking water (some of us even visit springs with clean water, which also don’t freeze during winter).


        But here’s the thing about cold Karelian winter: even though it is a wonderful sight, it hits you really hard physically and mentally. And, I guess, if you are living in an area with cold winter, you can find it all too familiar: dry air with infections lurking around, we need much more energy to stay warm and not get sick, darkness of northern winters is very effective in creating depression and fatigue (I’m writing this at 3 p.m. and it is already getting dark) and lack of sun directly influence your health. So living in the North creates all kinds of challenges for your mood and health.


        And this is not only about the North. Different weather brings different challenges, whether you live in hot and sunny California, deserts of the Middle East or humid tropical climate of Amazonia and South East Asia. There is always a need for a healthy and safe supplement to keep our body in check and provide it with nutrition and energy. Well, I guess I’m lucky that I live in the home of the best one there is.


        They say that Karelian water, especially in the Lake Onega, is already clean enough for consumption because there is so much shungite in Karelian ground. However, since it is still the 21st century and environmental pollution is kind of a thing now, I like to make sure that shungite definitely has processed the water I drink. I am also lucky that I am a part of Karelian Heritage and I have an infinite supply of fresh shungite stones. Shungite water is just a thing you need to balance out your organism and be happy and healthy.


        So, why do I enjoy shungite water so much? Well, of course, we study shungite very closely here in Karelia, after all, the deposits are only a couple of hours away, and we know quite a lot about famous shungite properties. Shungite is a natural filter and possesses antibacterial, antioxidant and antihistamine abilities which help it to eliminate a huge chunk of bacteria, negative and toxic elements in your drinking water. The other way around, it enriches your water with such healthy elements as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and so on. Basically shungite water both protects you and nurtures you every day. I usually drink it for two weeks every month, then take a break to balance elements in my body. There is an influx of energy and positive mood every time I start drinking it, and it is not only my opinion: our company has tons of feedback from our clients who tell us the same.


        More than that, simply drinking pure shungite water isn’t the only thing I do with it. Shungite water is a great base for any drink and it will make your favorite beverage healthier. Me, I prefer to make detox drinks on shungite water, simple recipes for pure pleasure – lime with mojito or wild berries. The same goes for cooking – if you can use shungite water as a base, you should definitely do it. I do it almost every time I cook to fill my pastas and veggies with all the positive elements shungite can give you. I have also noticed that the food cooked on shungite water stays fresh longer and retains its original taste and odor.


        As you may know, we call shungite a stone of life. And it really is so – it gives vigor and rejuvenation to everything it touches. That is why me and my colleagues have included shungite water in our hygiene routine. I wash my face, hands and mouth with it every day to get that health and energy boost. Because of that, I have little to none skin-related problems, even common acne (I, of course, use other shungite cosmetic products and stones themselves).


        It goes as far as my family uses shungite in agriculture, of all things. My grandma, great gardening enthusiast, has always struggled with harsh Karelian climate to reap large harvests every year, so when I told her about what I do and what shungite is, she became eager to try watering her garden with shungite water. Now she tells me that it had greatly improved plant growth, health and fertility. Go figure what else it can do.


        Shungite water has already replaced regular water in my life. It, of course, doesn’t do good for my living space, since there are bottles of it everywhere, but it is my choice to have this healthy and nutritious elixir in my life. If you wish to learn more about shungite water, you can check our blog for great informative materials. Stay tuned to learn more about shungite and crystal healing. See you next month!


Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heirtage editor

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