Karelian Heritage Editorial: Battle Stress During COVID Lockdown with Crystal Routine

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      Hey, Pavel Kuznetsov here, long time no see! We were so busy after the first wave of COVID-19 and the first lockdown getting back to working routine and bouncing back from the stalemate of quarantine that there was no time for our favorite editorials, yet once I’ve decided to write a new one, the second wave of coronavirus and lockdown have arrived. And with them, new stresses of self-isolation and, sometimes, boredom, which we should always take into account while assessing and improving our mental health.


      As usual, I have chosen crystal healing, my field of expertise, to deal with higher pressure of being at home in isolation all the time. Crystals have a plethora of properties which may help you battle a variety of stress-related issues: depression, fatigue, anxiety, tension, anger, irritation and burnout. Tonight I am going to tell you what crystals I like the most when it comes to battling stress in order to slow down and unwind myself. Stay till the end and you will learn simple crystal techniques which I use to achieve this goal!



      I have a large collection of crystals at home, so I enjoy the full spectrum of different crystal properties according to my intentions. So, when it came to grounding and slowing down from this crazy rhythm of self-isolation I needed to go through all of my crystals for mental health to pick the best ones for stability, protection and balancing. These are the crystals that surely keep me sane in this difficult period of global pandemic:


  1. Fluorite. The first thing we always need to do when we find ourselves in stressful situations is to find clarity and awareness. Fluorite is the stone that is able to clear our minds in moments of confusion, fickleness and irrational fears. This is made possible by fluorite’s ability to balance our energy. It eliminates negativity in our mind and lets flows of positive energy in, making our decision-making process more rational and smart.
  2. Agate. When we are under heavy duress our emotions usually fly high and that makes us more tense, angry, sad or moody. Agate possesses a very soothing energy, which can help us relax after all our deeds for the day are done yet we cannon retreat anywhere because of the lockdown. It is also very helpful in overcoming negative experiences, so if you have some sort of a nervous breakdown while being sick of this coronavirus self-isolation, it will aid you in letting go and forgetting the past.
  3. Amethyst. This is one of the most famous stones for crystal healing so this isn’t of any wonder that it is also helpful in a situation like this COVID pandemic. In a lot of ways like agate, amethyst is responsible for our relaxation and it is at its best when used during sleep. It will wake sure that your sleep is secured, stable and without nightmares. Moreover, amethyst is known to repel addictions and obsessions, and that might also help in a stressful situation like this, since a number of people might turn to substance abuse when under strain and locked at home. Amethyst is definitely better, trust me.
  4. Amazonite. Another issue we might face while being at self-isolation at home is anxiety. At this difficult time all of us, me included, worry all the time about a vast variety of things, like the future, our employment, money, how to get different goods, and so on. Amazonite is the stone which primary objective is to help us reduce that anxiety and bring us focus on present tasks and objectives. It also helps us to channel our negative energy into positive endeavors, like work, cleaning, planning, etc.
  5. Tourmaline. When we spend most of our time (if not all) indoors, we get more and more susceptible to different irritants, and even worse, some things which had no effect on us before become annoying to the point that we cannot take it anymore. Tourmaline can help you create an invisible wall between yourself and a variety of irritating stimuli. It is just as much a protective stone as it is a calming stone and it creates safe and relaxing environment at your home, shielding you from negative events, people and energy.
  6. Aura Quartz. If you are not a lone wolf, but a family person, or you happen to live with roommates or relatives, self-isolation also makes you communicate with the same people every day, and in a lot of cases for much more time that we are usually used to. That can also create a lot of tension and a lot of conflicts, which were unheard of before. Aura quartz, in turn, will help you to improve your communication skills, thus allowing you to shield yourself from interpersonal tension. It aids you in expressing your emotions more clearly and provides you with empathy and ability to listen to your company.
  7. Shungite. And, of course, it always comes to our belle of the ball. Shungite keeps me sane and grounded 24/7 anyway, yet during coronavirus pandemic it became truly a talisman for my mental health and calmness. Its stable energy flows help me get up early in the morning and start my workday without hesitation and its soothing nature provides me full relaxation in the evening after everything is done. Shungite gives me protection against negative events which are bound to happen from time to time during these stressful days and shield me from the negative energy of others, as everyone is on the ropes while we need to stay at home all the time. 



      And now to the crystal techniques which you can apply to your lockdown to unwind and ground yourself. If you chose shungite as your go-to crystal (obviously, we at Karelian Heritage do), there is a number of useful practices which can protect you from all of the negativity of quarantine. For example, you can do short 15-minutes breaks for crystal meditation during the day. Simply take shungite spheres or shungite harmonizers in your hands and focus on your intentions to balance energy and get rid of stress.


      Secondly, you can take a relaxing shungite baths once a week. All you have to do is to place shungite stones in your bathtub while you are filling it and this bath will provide you with full relaxation and restore your energy for an upcoming week. And, of course, as you are spending your time at home anyway, you can create a crystal grid for protection and calmness with shungite point in the center or shungite stones at the edges to manifest your intentions into reality.


      So this is how I decided to cope with heavy stress and workload of a COVID self-isolation. Make sure to stay at home, stay healthy and make necessary precautions if you are going outside. Tell me in the comments if you have your own favorite crystals for battling stress and how you spend your time at home during the pandemic. Check out shungite items which might help you to ease the burden of these difficult times and I’ll see you next month with a new exciting topic!

                                                                                        - Pavel Kuznetsov, Karelian Heirtage editor



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