A Piece of Nature at Your Home: Glass Terrariums with Shungite

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        We are always craving to find new ways you can use shungite in your life. Some of them focus not on improving your health and mood, but on things around you. It can be a complex protection of your household, your loved ones or your pets. Another important part of our lives that shungite can help us with is our plant life. Shungite is even used industrially in agriculture, let alone that it can have a substantial positive effects at home. Methods of helping plants with shungite may vary, and today we are going to look at something that may seem complicated at first, but with strikingly beautiful result – glass terrariums with shungite.


What is it?


        Glass terrariums are something like small ecosystems for your plants. The principle of work of terrarium is simple: you take a glass container (or made from clear plastic) with an opening for fresh air, put soil and drainage inside, decorate it with landscape decorations and the rest is just taking care of the flowers and plants that you will put there. Even though it all sounds fairly simple, there are a lot of challenges on the way. For example, what should you choose on almost every step of this venture.


        Even at the very start, there are so many of glass terrarium containers that the choice should be very personal and connected to your interior at home. They can cover only the bottom where the soil, plants and decorations are with a completely open top or have a small opening in an overall whole structure. They can be in a shape of a circle, cube, point, large bottle, flask or glass, big or small aquariums and so on. Just make sure that it suits you and it is comfortable to take care of your plant.


        Secondly, you need to choose a plant (or plants) to keep in your terrarium. It is best to take some green plants which will serve as a background for your main course – a beautiful flower (or flowers) in the middle. For this background you can take such plants as various ferns, cactuses, succulents, clubmoss, airplant, begonia, friendship plant, starfish plant and, naturally, different kinds of grass. And when it comes to flowers, you simply should choose your favorite.


        And finally, you should decorate your terrarium. It can be both natural decorations, like wooden parts (or handcrafted ornaments), stones and crystals, and manmade ones, like toys, jewelry and so on. But our favorite are of course crystals, especially shungite.


Why shungite?


        Shungite is basically the best rock that you can offer to your plant life. For you, it will be a magnificent addition to a landscape you will design yourself, a mysterious black piece that will complement any style and any plant. Shungite items, like shungite pyramids, cubes, spheres, regular tumbled shungite stones or elite shungite nuggets – all of them have that wonderful glow that just looks perfect under a glass. With such great monolithic items, you can create truly unique personal compositions in your own little world of a terrarium.


        But it is more important, what shungite can do for your plants. Shungite possesses a great number of positive properties that help us every day, and they can do the same for your plants. Shungite will protect your terrarium from negative influences in their environment, such as electromagnetic fields (EMF) or the newest 5G radiation, which will prolong their life (and they can be very fragile). Shungite is also a great fertilizer and will promote growth and healthy development of your plant’s roots and shoots. Shungite’s restorative properties will make sure that any damage inflicted on your plants go away in no time and your plant will be as good as new. Basically, shungite will ensure that your plants experience healthy, protected and stable growth.


        Don’t forget that you can put small animals in your little handcrafted eco system and they will gladly live in it, protected and nourished by such a magnificent stone as shungite. Try to create your personal terrarium and share it with us in a comment section below! Purchase shungite to give your terrarium so much needed energy and protection!

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