Why We Must Deal with Geopathic Zones

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        Have you ever wondered why some places make you feel right and keep you in good mood, while other make you tense, anxious and you want to leave them right away? Maybe they even have a bad reputation among folks, who can always share with you a number of mysterious stories connected with these places. You have certainly heard them all: old Indian burial ground, place of some historical battle, maybe some serial killer was living there or some wealthy family which mysteriously disappeared. And even though we all love us some urban legends and scary campfire stories, there is more logical and researched explanation to these places in the form of geopathic zones.


        Despite geopathic zones not being commonly known phenomenon, its story is rooted in centuries and was observed by countless civilizations before it was picked up by scientists in the 20th century. In Ancient China people believed in the living energy, which they called Chi, flowing through human bodies, atmosphere and, most importantly, through Earth. As this energy could be positive or negative, the places of negative energy were avoided by people. Famous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung also stated in his works that certain places on the Earth’s surface have different effects on human subconscious, a phenomenon he named psychic location. What’s more, if we take a look at disposition of some of the most spiritual places around the planet, we will see that it has some clear patterns, e.g. lines or geometrical shapes. It was later confirmed in 1921 by an archaeologist Alfred Watkins in his book “The Old straight track”, in which he named this phenomenon “Ley lines” or “power lines”. So there was a clear pattern of places with high amounts of positive energy which people noticed and started to build their sacred buildings and monuments around it. If such positive effects could be observed around the places with positive energy, you can imagine the scale of damage places with negative energy, or geopathic zones, provided.


        Nowadays, after more accurate studies have taken place, there is more understanding of the nature of geopathic zones. Their location is connected to a number of natural phenomena of the planet Earth, such as the natural radiation, electromagnetic field influences, deposits of natural resources, thermodynamic processes and water flows under the Earth surface, geological faults and other subterranean anomalies. From these factors you can see that some geopathic zone locations are static, while others can in fact move around the Earth’s surface along with the processes which cause them. Moreover, some of them, such as faults, are even visible. This affects all living organisms in the vicinity of geopathic zones, as animals usually avoid them or become aggressive or, on the other hand, very passive if they wound up in these areas and plants refuse to grow.


        But most importantly, all of these phenomena and anomalies affect human beings on different levels: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Geopathic zones can cause depression, anxiety, fear, insomnia, nightmares, fatigue, suppressed will and other disorders of your emotional state. Physically, long-term exposure to geopathic zones can lead to decay of immune system, cardiovascular system, illnesses of musculoskeletal system, such as rheumatism and oncological diseases.  It would, of course, be easy to just avoid geopathic zones to shield yourself from its disastrous effects, but you never know when you are going to stumble upon one of them. Moreover, with today’s overpopulation and massive urbanization, you can have no idea that you are already living on geopathic location, or if your new cozy house/apartment was recently built on one. So it is essential to know how to protect yourself from negative influence of geopathic zones.


  1. First of all, geopathic zone can be located in small part of your household. If your domestic animals tend to avoid certain spots around the house, and you feel negative effects of these spots, it is best that you don’t use this area for anything important. Don’t place your bed, dining table, desktop around these zones, as it will have direct negative effect on your well-being. The best thing is to use this zone for storage or decoration.
  2. A lot of negative effects of geopathic zones are connected with negative energy and the best way to filter and transform this energy is through chakra balancing and exercises. Simple meditations or more complex yoga exercises accompanied by effects of healing crystals can shape up your chakras and bring you spiritual and energy balance to create an effective protection against geopathic zones.
  3. You can decorate your household with different items, which are known for energy filtering and absorption. These are cactuses, pyramids and pendulums from various materials, clay and copper reservoirs, mirrors, Feng shui paraphernalia, bells and other sacred items.  Copper is a very effective material in protection, so you can plant copper wires around your house for comprehensive energy transformation.
  4. One of the most effective and one of the cheapest minerals that can help you with your personal protection from geopathic zones is shungite stone. Unique stone which can be found only in Republic of Karelia in Russia has proven over the years the effectiveness of its protection, filtering, cleansing and healing properties. Its high carbon consistency grants shungite one of the highest waste absorption abilities, as well as absorption of negative energy. Shungite pyramids and pendulums are the most efficient items to neutralize geopathic zones around your house while shungite jewelry and pendants are perfect for personal protection. Authentic shungite stones from Karelia will keep your household clean and protected from any kind of negative influences.


        With these methods you will find your everyday life harmonic and balanced, your mood and spirit will improve and the influence of geopathic zones will drastically diminish. Try healing crystals and shungite stones for healing and protection!

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