Why are whiskey stones the most efficient way to chill your drinks?

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      What can be a more relaxing end of the day than sitting in the warmth of your household with a chilling beverage in your hand? Whether it is whiskey or scotch or just fresh juice or lemonade, cold drink is a perfect conclusion to a hot summer day. Or maybe it is your preference to have your drinks “on the rocks”.  Yet usual ice has one very concerning problem: it not only cools your drink but it also dilutes your drink so it becomes weaker. However, there is an easy way to save the drink’s integrity and taste and have it cooled. We present to you whiskey stones, a much more comfortable and efficient way to chill your drinks.


      Whiskey stones are really a win-win for those who want to enjoy cool drinks every day. They are reusable and easy to store and to use. With whiskey stones you can quickly chill your favorite beverage without it being diluted or losing its taste. First introduced in 2007, they struggled to achieve wide success among bar patrons and drinking enthusiasts. However, today whiskey stones are quite popular, especially at homes. People appreciate its longevity and better quality compared to regular ice. With whiskey stones you’ll never have to waste a good drink for water again. whiskey-stones-how-to-chill-scotch-and-other-drinks-whiskey-cooling-rocks


      Whiskey stones are cubic stones of soapstone (or steatite) and usually they are 2x2 cm (0,78 inches) in size. Soapstone is a unique mineral, which doesn’t affect either the taste or consistency of the liquid around it. The mineral absorbs the heat from the drink, and its own low temperature lowers the temperature of the liquid.


      To use whiskey stones, you must first put them in the freezer for about five hours. After that, you can take three stones and put them into your drink. The most preferable is the whiskey glass, as these 3 stones will be spread perfectly on its bottom. After that, you can enjoy your cooled drink and spend your evening in rest and relaxation. But remember, in about 25 minutes the drink will become the room temperature, so be sure to change the stones when needed.


      We offer sets of 9 soapstones in a custom fabric bag. With 9 whiskey stones you will always have spare stones if you need to change them. Whiskey stones will make your drinks smoother without losing any taste. Purchase soapstones now and enjoy the pleasure of nice cold beverage on a hot summer evening with your family and friends!

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