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      Shungite is considered to be a powerful stone with great healing and energizing properties. One of the most efficient and versatile tools to enhance the energy of this stone and bring it into your life is shungite crystal point. Point-shaped shungite has even more intense vibrations to let you experience the next level of protection and healing.


Meditation and setting focused intentions


      Shungite crystal points have comfortable size and shape, that’s why they are good and convenient for meditation and yoga practices. Hold a point in your hands, close your eyes, relax and focus on your breath and intentions. Repeat this procedure regularly and you will see the positive effect. Meditation with shungite point will help you to clean your mind and organize your thoughts. Besides, during the session you may program the crystal setting your goals and intentions. High vibrations of shungite will keep you focused and help to manifest the desires and direct them to the universe.


      Take into account that shungite point is your must have if you’re aimed at balance and harmony. Grounding energy of shungite and its powerful absorbing properties enhanced by the sacred shape of point will take in all the negative energy and unwanted thoughts bringing calm and comfort to your life. The environment will be filled with light and positivity shungite accumulated for centuries.




Creating crystal grids shungite-crystal-grids-how-to-make-a-crystal-grid-for-healing


      Crystal grids are the most popular way to bring positive energy to your house and body. Crystal grid is an arrangement of different stones and crystals with matching energies that are placed to form a specific shape corresponding with your intentions. Crystal grids help to combine power and properties of crystals. If you choose the geometry and crystals correctly you will create the most potent energy source for unlimited number of purposes.


      Shungite is a universal stone with great energizing properties. It accumulates the power of 4th elements and can be combined with any crystal. That’s why if you want to create a powerful grid just put shungite point into its centre. Then write your intentions on paper and put it underneath the shungite point. Shungite will direct your goals to the universe. It will be extremely efficient if you include garnet, clear quartz or jasper to the grid. These stones become supercharged under the influence of another amplifying the intentions.


Personal protection


      Shungite is a strong protective crystal. If you always want to be protected from stress and destructive energy, you can keep shungite point in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. Shungite points repel negativity and absorb positive energy drawing it to your body. Moreover, shungite will protect you from EMF making usage of gadgets harmless and safe.


Crystal healing


      Shungite points can also be used as an alternative medical tool which has great healing properties. As shungite allows positive energy to flow into your body points made from this mineral help to soothe anxiety and stress and speed up the detoxification process. In order to achieve a desirable effect you can place shungite crystal points on different parts of the body. Moreover you can set them in different parts of your room to surround yourself with healing energy.



      Crystal points are known as energy powerhouses and there are numerous ways to apply them to leave in balance and harmony. Buy shungite points in our store and share with us your favorite ways to use them leaving comments below!

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Marie A. Oleen:
18/05/2018, 10:33:29 PM

Received your product today. What a beautiful piece! Love it! I would recommend others to purchase from you! Thank you so much!Sincerely,Marie Oleen

Bradley Scott Lyons:
24/09/2019, 12:36:42 AM,

I received my online purchase order of elite noble (type 1) shungite stones sooner than expected. I hope to find out whether or not elite noble shungite stones can actually structure and / or energize water and, do so without depositing any heavy metals in the water; I did not purchase the elite noble shungite to purify my drinking water. I only drink bottled water that is already pure and has a 9.5 pH level. I hope to find out whether or not elite noble shungite stone is actually a crystalline form of shungite and / or, whether or not it is considered a 'fullerite'. I have had the impression that in order to structure and / or energize water, the source of activation whether it be sound (YouTube video: Energy into water using a resonant frequency (end of title), published on YouTube by Viktor van Ophuizen, video title: Energy into water part 2 multiple resonant frequency's (end of title) by Viktor van Ophuizen), and / or, whether it be electronic scalar wave propagation (Orgone Generator / and / or, whether it be a type of special rock or crystal such as shungite or quartz crystal, must have the ability to emit a resonance (vibrating) energy frequency and / or, scalar energy wave. I wish I had access to an LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter (YouTube video title: Living Water - Gradual Orgone Saturation with an Orgone Generator and Orgone Meter (end of title), published on YouTube by Orgone Generator on Feb. 16, 2019). I also hope to find out if any beneficial effect(s) of elite noble shungite can be improved / increased / amplified by implementing quartz crystal(s) and / or neodymium magnets with use of elite noble shungite to structure / energize water; neodymium magnets should never get wet by the way. Multiple YouTube videos and web articles purport / allege that shungite destroys bacteria and viruses in water and / or, in the body; I hope to find out whether or not it is true that drinking water that had elite noble shungite stones in it for about 6 hours, will or will not destroy bacteria and / or viruses inside the body. I hope to obtain confirmation whether or not elite noble shungite does in fact protect against EMF's and if so, whether or not that protection is limited to protecting just against electro-magnetic fields or, if it includes protection against electric fields and microwave radio frequency radiation also. I hope to find out if elite noble shungite absorbs all three of those 3 different types of radiation or, if instead, it only transmutes (changes) and / or, blocks the source of the radiation instead of absorbing it. I welcome anyone's opinionated comments or answers to these questions. Thank you. Sincerely, Bradley Scott Lyons

Karelian Heritage:
07/10/2019, 04:59:15 PM

Dear Bradley, thank you for your comment and for your deep interest in shungite and its properties. Elite shungite does energize water. As a result of filtration shungite water is filled with oxygen, calcium, magnesium and a number of other mineral components essential to our health and beauty. Energized and mineralized shungite water is associated with better functions of cells and tissues as it contains natural antioxidants neutralizing free radicals. You can find our detailed guide on shungite water and its properties here: the improvements of elite shungite's properties with quartz, we do recommend using different crystals with shungite, including quartz. You can put quartz and shungite into your water bottle in order to energize your water with the energy of both crystals. You can find our article about crystal elixirs here: EMF protection of shungite, yes, shungite provides protection from EMF, MMW (5G), radio waves and other kinds of electrical radiation. Shungite's unique structure - it consist of fullerenes - provides shungite with protective properties. We hope our answer is helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email - We will be happy to assist you at any time. Best regards, Karelian Heritage

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