New Life In New Year: End Of The Year Rituals

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        The year is about to end, and a lot of people connect this seemingly symbolic date in our calendars to a number of curious phenomena. To some, it is a recharge button, that will fill you with energy and determination, while some can’t just wait for festivities to end to get back to their usual pace. Either way, these views on a new year lack one very important component – awareness. Where is this energy comes from? Why we are able to bounce back and carry on? Of course, you can possess some sort of subconscious awareness about your life, but it is much better to have control over it, have a clear mind about and fully comprehend what your goals and desires are and what will actually make you feel better.


        So, for us the end of the year is a great time to reflect on that or find it anew, and the best way to do it is through a series of immersive rituals. These rituals can help you find connection between physical and spiritual, the earth and the divine, your inner intentions and methods to improve on what you already have. The rituals we offer you are, of course, only tip of the iceberg, and you can always use them in ways you find comfortable. So, these are the rituals which we prefer:




        Year review


        The number one thing to do to understand how you should move forward is to look back. The thoughtful reflection can shed much more light on the passing year. What have you done? What happened to you? How do you assess it all? What conclusions can you make based on all that? Try to be partial, but remember that it is still about you and you only, so don’t blame and hate yourself for some failures and misfortunes. After all, you can’t change it now. The way is to be fully aware during all of this, and you can use all the help you can get. Our choice is crystals, which are great for clearing your mind and finding your true self. Hold your favorite crystal in your hand while you are reviewing your year and we are sure, that you won’t have to wait long for the clear picture.




        The let-go meditation


        When you are done with your year review, you can find that there was some traumatic (or simply unpleasant) events or experience. The kind of stuff that we don’t want on our shoulders. We always need to move forward, and those things will only hold us back. And again, we need to turn our head towards awareness, this time though meditation. Take a crystal in your hand, or lay it at your feet, or even make a crystal grid and put it near you. Focus on letting go, clear your mind of everything else and think with the correct affirmation, for example, “I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my spiritual growth” or “I choose freedom and release all things that block an open pathway”.




        Declutter your home


        Not every ritual has to be spiritual, however all of them hold great spiritual importance. Order in physical things leads to order in your mental, emotional and spiritual states. So if you feel that your home is overstuffed with unnecessary items, try to thoughtfully evaluate them and decide whether you need it or not. Yet again, use crystals to help you with awareness. Besides, isn’t it just warming to meet new year in coziness and complete comfort of your home?




        Set intentions


        Our everyday life with its routine and our mood determines every major event, that is why it is important to define specific intentions towards which you will move in your day-to-day existence. Maybe you wish to find love in the upcoming year or maybe you wish to focus on your professional life. Whether you want to put an emphasis on health and security or on achieving wealth and abundance, it is always crucial no to plunge into chaos which will lead to frustration and depression. Take a look into your inner depths and find the things that you truly desire.




        Make a yearly to-do list


        And this is where your intentions pay off. As you need goals to move through your life with direction, your chosen intentions will shape those goals. Reflect on cause and effect relationships in your goals and figure out the steps which you should follow to achieve those goals. In the end, each time you will hit a step you will feel the sense of accomplishment, which will fill you with energy to carry on with your goals.


        These rituals will make sure that your life follows thoughtful and aware path that you yourself have created. And crystals can always give you their powerful properties, that will make you think clearer and put you in the right mood for the best decisions. Purchase crystals and create correct direction for a new year!

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