Crystals for your Desk: Minerals to Improve your Mood

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How to choose the right crystal that will make your life better




    Everyone wants to be more efficient and productive at work, to improve concentration and self-discipline, to get along with colleagues and so on. Minerals are a great way to increase creativity and generate positive energy. The “right” stones will shield you from the negative influence caused by gadgets, office hustle and the rat race. They will remind you to stay calm and positive and breathe deeply. You can put the stones on your desk, wear crystal jewelry pieces or have some stones in your car. Here are some options: 



1. Labradorite


      Labradorite stone is one of the kinds of the moonstone. It has powerful energy and protects from stress and hustle in the office. Besides, due to its rich navy blue color Labradorite is a stylish decoration for your desk.


2. Agate


      Agate brings calm and harmony into your life and helps to rich the balance of negative and positive emotions.


3. Lava stone


      Lava stone is an ideal mineral if you are looking for balance, harmony and concentration. Thanks to its grounding properties lava stone clears the mind and helps to overcome any difficulties that you may face in the office.


4. Citrine


      Citrine improves the mood of its owner and makes the life happier. It is recommended to keep this mineral in hands for a couple of minutes every morning to get the feeling of gratitude guiding you throughout the day.



5. Rose quartz


      Rose quartz inspires love not only for other people, but also for yourself. When we love and respect ourselves, our performance improves.


6. Amethyst


      Amethyst is an ideal stone for those who want to develop intuition and promote self-consciousness. Carry this crystal around with you and keep it in hands several times a day to clear the mind, restore inner strength and be prepared for the next task.


7. Shungite


      Shungite is considered as a must have mineral for your desk. It reduces electromagnetic radiation emitted by different office equipment, neutralizes geopathic stress and shields from other negative influence. It improves memory and learning capacity and increases overall productivity by accumulating positive energy and bringing calm and stability. 


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