Crystal Healing Tips for Full Moon Periods 2019

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      The celestial bodies are great helpers in our everyday life, even though their input isn’t always clear. It is easy to see how the sun helps us: it gives us the essential light and warmth, things that make our life possible. Through these effects we feel the overwhelming energy of the sun, thus we see the obvious benefits from it. However, it is less simple with energies of other celestial bodies. Today we will take a closer look at the one body that is the nearest to us, namely the moon, to see what effects the lunar energy has on us and on our crystal healing processes.



      The moon held a special place in the spiritual practices of the world from the ancient times. Some cultures worshiped moon in the form of deities, depicted it in anthropomorphic images, the symbol of crescent became popular though its connections to the night and to some extent to the underworld. More than that, the effects of the moon on a human being were also spotted by generations of people, thus the terms like “lunacy” or “lunatic” were born. It was believed that the full moon incites insanity and irrationality in humans and leads them towards mental illnesses. But of course, this belief was exaggerated, yet based on the effects of lunar energy.


      The lunar energy during the full moon stimulates the activity of human beings, making them full of energy and emotions. This period of lunar activity is accessible not only on the night of the full moon but also three days before and three days after. During this period you can effectively resolve any activities in which you were worried for the successful outcome. It is a perfect time for defining your intentions, as the general activity of the world can make them come to life. It is also a great moment for establishing interpersonal relationships and resolving conflicts as you become more sensitive to the emotions of other people. However, moon has power not only over human being, but also on a number of crystals, which we love to use in crystal healing, which in turn has effects over us.


      Lunar energy is an effective tool in cleansing your crystals from negative energy and influences and charging them when their energy level weakens. Just keep your crystal under the direct moonlight during one night and it should become balanced. Full moon period can also bring you inspiration in crystal healing activities, for example, it is perfect time to create an effective crystal grid. A lot of crystals resonate with the energy of the moon and thus can connect its user to this energy. For example, moonstone amplifies lunar energy during every phase, thus granting user the full specter of the energy even if there is just a modest crescent in the night sky. Selenite becomes incredibly effective during full moon, stabilizing mental health of its user and reinforcing his/her ambitions. Aventurine boosts self-confidence and willpower.  Quartz brings peace and comfort and is advised to be worn in trips during full moon. The greater the connection of the crystal is with the moon, the better will be the effects of crystal healing.



      Another interesting way the moon can effect crystal healing is through eclipses. You see, during the lunar eclipse the energies of the moon and the sun overlap and in the end amplify each other, so you will not only get the dual energy of these celestial bodies but it also will be much increased. With this energy you can charge your crystals, again, under the direct light from the eclipse so they will be filled with the purest of energies. But because it is believed that lunar energy has more connections to the feminine it is advised not to take any action and concentrate on rest, restoration and spiritual growth. The effects of the aforementioned crystal stay the same during the lunar eclipse as if it were the full moon, so be sure to wear moonstone, selenite, quartz, etc.


      Now that we know how the full moon influences us and our crystal healing, it is important to learn when it will appear in 2019. There are 12 full moons in a year and each of them has a unique name. 

  1. Wolf moon. This is the first moon of the year and it appears in January. Its name probably comes from the fact that after harsh January frosts wolves start their breeding season with excessive howling at the full moon.  In 2019 the day of the Wolf Moon is January, 21.
  2. Snow Moon. The second full moon in the year still comes in the freezing month of February and usually bears an unusually white glow, hence its name. In 2019 the Snow Moon rises on February, 19.
  3. Worm moon. The first full moon of spring (or last of winter in some cultures) symbolizes the new cycle of life, when the wildlife reemerges from the winter’s sleep. The date of the Worm Moon in 2019 is March, 21.
  4. Pink Moon. April is the month when the first flowers begin to bloom, especially Wild Ground Phlox, thus the name of this full moon. The Pink Moon comes on April, 19 in 2019.
  5. Flower moon. The full moon of May is also connected with flowers, and in May the number of blooming flowers is much more, thus the name. The day of the Flower Moon in 2019 is May, 19.
  6. Strawberry Moon. The name of this full moon is connected to the ripening of strawberries that happens in June in a lot of regions. It happens on June, 17 in 2019.
  7. Buck Moon. July is the month when bucks get new antlers (a lot of these names come from the findings of hunters and farmers of the old). Thus, the Buck Moon comes on July, 17 in 2019.
  8. Sturgeon Moon. The name of this full moon comes this time from fishing, based on a large amount of sturgeons found in the lakes in August. The Sturgeon Moon comes on August, 15 in 2019.
  9. Full Corn Moon (Harvest Moon). The name of the full moon in September comes from the time of harvesting, and corn is an important crop in many cultures. However, the nearest full moon to the autumnal equinox is usually called the Harvest Moon. This year the date of it is September, 14.
  10. Hunter’s Moon. October is the last period in a year when you are able to make stocks for winter and hunt, hence the name of this full moon. The date of the Hunter’s Moon in 2019 is October, 14.
  11. Beaver Moon. These little creatures also prepare for the winter and November is the time when they build their winter dams. The day of the Beaver Moon is November, 12 in 2019.
  12. Cold Moon. The origin of this name is obvious, since December is one of the coldest months of the year. The date of the Cold Moon in 2019 is December, 12. 


      Now that you have learned the dates of all of the full moons in the year 2019, we hope that you will use all of the power the lunar energy grants you on the days of full moon. Charge your crystals, define your intentions, create your own experience – all with the help of the moon and your favorite crystals!

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