Elite Shungite 5G Protection

Nature will never cease to amaze man, and shungite stones prove this statement. This black mineral has unique properties and an unusual structure. A curative power of shungite for many centuries has been used for treating numerous diseases. As for today, shungite for 5G is used by many people.

History Of Shungite

The therapeutic properties of this mineral have been known since the 16th century. Our ancestors called it "aspic stone" and actively conducted treatment with water, which ran from springs situated in the territory full of this mineral. The stone became really famous when it helped cure the illness of the future Tsar Michael, the first ruler of the Romanov dynasty.

The further period of popularity was occured with Karelian shungite, the properties of which occupied the minds of scientists, in the second half of the 20th century. Exploring its structural peculiarities, they found a previously unknown carbon compound. Scientists received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of fullerene, which does not exist in other stones.

As for now, shungite and 5G protection is being researched, as such radiations can affect negatively mental and physical health.

How To Tell A Natural Stone From A Fake

Determining the authenticity of the stone when buying is extremely important. Only a natural mineral will give its owner a range of useful properties. There are many fake copies on the market, as consumer demand breeds supply. Here is how to distinguish shungite from the fake:

Appearance. Most specimens have a characteristic "gold" stripes. This is the inclusion of pyrite compounds. This is an indirect sign of the real stone.

Adsorption. Put the stone in a jug of water. After a few minutes, you will notice some air bubbles floating on the surface of the stone. If that doesn't happen, the stone is obviously a fake.

The stone has an uneven metallic shine. The structure of this mineral isn't homogeneous, and treatment is extremely difficult because of its brittleness. This is why natural stones are often sold in their pristine state.

The effectiveness of 5G shungite is confirmed by history, science, and experience of its application. And these are the main factors that allow us to confidently declare that shungite is the mineral of the future. However, to see its positive effects, its significant to choose the right store to avoid getting fake stones.

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